Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Now Brown Cow?

Well, since the book came out, Mel and I have been making cows like crazy for a Market show. Our friends are all making cows and somehow, I keep thinking of new cows. They only take a couple hours to put together and are simple. I guess that is why they are so addiciting. Dawn who reads this blog and takes workshops from me (my retreat and others) has made four cows. It is going to be quite a show. The cow above was made my Mel who also did "Holy Cow." I am doing the borders for Cow Town, De-Calf, and PsyCOWdelic. Someone said "where would you hang them?" Well, I have a nice place in my entry hall, a place in the tv room and I'd have one for the road. I used cool fabrics and they are awesome and I know people would love seeing them hung up. The cow above would be cute in a little boys bedroom.
I got the nicest note this week. She said that she made a cow from the book for a charity and she showed it to her ten year old Grandson. He said "Grandma, would you save this quilt for when I am married and have a baby?" How is that for a compliment? Very fun. Make a cow, you won't be sorry.
NOTE- "Outside the Box-With Easy Blocks" is the book for the pattern-Martingale.


Sam said...

Cow=li=fornia here I8 come.....

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou, how about putting paragraphs in your postings? It would be so much easier for these old eyes to read! Thanks.