Sunday, September 11, 2011

Houston Area Guilds Provide happy Smiles for Everyone Who Wants to Quilt, Do Charity and Have Fun!

The quilter at the top of this post is Ginger who used to work at Thimble Creek in Walnut Creek many years ago when I would go there to teach. It was fun to see her again and to catch up on California, quilting styles, kids and Houston. She is a really fun and energetic gal.

The group at the bottom is from Woodlands Quilt Guild and it was fun to see Ginger who used to live in Walnut Creek area. This guild did great quilts and lots for charity as did the Bay City Guild above. Both guilds showed many charity quilts and talked about giving. During the time I was there, firfighters were fighting the flames close to Houston and so the guild took up a collection of over $500. to get snacks for them when they could take a break. I find that quilters are the most giving people in the world. We all want to fix things Right? Mona was my hostess at that Bay City guild and helped me lift all of my heavy quilts using her won suitcases to help haul everything. Ever notice how heavy quilts and fabric and machines are? If you quilt, you know what I mean. I taught wreaths at both guilds and hope someday they will try out the "Hoochy" way of letting go and piecing. Texas girls always come in with humor and ready to go and they like color as do I!

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