Wednesday, March 02, 2011


If you haven't heard my lecture then you might not know why Story Quilts are so important to YOU and your family and friends. I started quilting in the early 1970's thanks to my Grandmother in Canada. I made lots and lots of traditional quilts and then in the mid 1980's I started making quilts that had stories about my children, myself, my Grandma's. My parents and Bible verses and other words with a message. These quilts have become time capsules. In 50 years, when people look at the quilts you are making today what will they know about you, your family, your friends, your pets your collections and the things that inspire you and make you happy? Are you leaving a legacy of who you are? If you died today, what would you be leaving behind about YOU? Do you have quilts with your favorite things, quotes, friends names, pets you love? This is what story quilts are about.
With that said, a good story quilt class is longer than 2 days. Two days barely scratches the surface. I would love to invite you to come and join me in a variety of places in the US for a longer, more in depth place to have fun, surprise yourself, learn about color and your fabric choices (that may be wrong or may be not), good story development, sentiment and humor and techniques that make a quilt a winner. Below, I added some photos from friends of their story quilts in the works....Linda, Mari, Stasi, Ginger and maybe others. Think about YOU and what you love and consider making that quilt that tells the world you are important because.
There are hundreds of stories each of us can do.
All story quilt classes include a tiara for fun and a royal punch of inspiration----
North Carolina Quilt Symposium has THREE spots left in my class-June 2,3,4,5. Come and join me in wonderful North Carolina for building stories in a story kind of a place! contact Jane Hall


Madeline School of the ARTS in Wisconsin -
Contact Kate-715-747-2054 FIVE wonderful October weather filled STORY QUILT Days
West Virginia -contact I will be teaching there May 1,2,3,4,5
Five wonderful days of STORY QUILTS.
Mary Lou's retreat Post Falls Idaho is June 13,14,15,16,17-Tiaras and fun abound


WoolenSails said...

I love the idea of a story quilt and want to try some myself. Thinking about it gave me an idea, what if I did one for each of my brothers and sisters, so each one is a memory I have of them. Would be a nice idea and fun to try, maybe in small versions;)


Kim Schory said...

Came home from Road Hoochy Mama and told my husband to get ready because I really want to take the story quilt class at Asilomar 2012!

Glad your polka dot was just that a polka dot ;-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love all your story quilts. Someday I hope to give it a try myself.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary Lou,
It is Ginger and I am finally feeling like my normal self. I no longer have a principal that will let me off for a week for a retreat, so I have been looking for one during my break. I have my Festivus Quilt completed but not quilted. Just bought a Janome Horizon 7700, so it is in my stack to get finished soon. I miss all of you and hope to get back in the story quilt retreats again since nothing was more restorative or joyful.
Love you and miss all of my Tiara Beauties,