Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank Heavens for Friends with Cameras! Thank you Susan

Stuck up is where I love to sleep when I am at Asilomar. Nice room, quiet and smells like the ocean and fresh air. Stay tuned for more photos as the girls send them to me. In cese you didn't read before I lost my camera which had hundreds of great photos. So sad. I am off to go and buy another one at Costco.I am in hopes this will help me find the old one. Does this make sense?
This is Janice working on her great quilt at Asilomar. She is very tiday...look at her work space...this is how I wish I was but I can't be even though I try. I have fabric all over the place. Janice's story quilt is going to be wonderful. It is a couple dancing and a dog holding on to the man's back because he is in love with him. It is darling and hilarious.

Though we had alot of rain, the ocean was lovely and so Susan took a photo of Laurie and I in front of the ocean...isn't the ocean an awe inspiring thing to see and smell? I always feel at peace when I am down by the ocean. I wish I could afford to live close in something other than a tent. :0)

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WoolenSails said...

Yes that does make sense, lol.
I have a regular camera and lenses, so I have a back back to carry it, so it is always attached to me;)