Monday, March 14, 2011

Laura from TX shows her new quilt,There is nothing like a RED dress or three and things I LOVE

Three adorable dresses all different and fun!
Look at the darling sleeves on this one below and the way the colors lay on there! A couple of years ago I spent part of a wonderful week with my friend Marilyn Wall at her home on the Lake in South Carolina. Marilyn has the most beautiful home with the most beautiful antiques and furnishings and she is a fabulous quilt artist and she is very modest about it. She is married to a man named "Kermit"-you can imagine the comments this brings. Anyway, she had some of these little dresses framed around her house and I just couldn't get over how cute they were. You all know (I think) that I love red and white and my kitchen and livingroom are those colors. So this last week in the mail came this package with these three adorable dresses in there. Marilyn thought I might put these into one of my quilts but I want them framed just like she did because they are so darling that way. Marilyn has a wonderful blog that I check out at least every week. Please say something nice to her because she is so nice and would really appreciate it.
I am leaving for Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning -ahhhh warm weather! Hope it gives me a little pep! We will be building "Hoity Toity Houses." Then I will be going to Asilomar from there in Pacific Grove and we will be doing story quilts and enjoying the ocean and each other. Then I come home and take piles of quilts over to LaConner so they can hang my show. :0) I will be busy but doing what I love.
Hope I get to see some of you at things coming up. I still have room at my retreat I Post Falls and I have promised one of the girls I will show her how I paint some of my story quilts. They are fairly fast and you can get alot of information on them if you want. So we will do both kinds of story quilts. I will provide the paints and brushes and you provide the muslin. More info when you sign up.

A darling red dress with surprise! CHERRY earrings on there...I am taking them to Florida with me tomorrow! Once I have these framed and up I will share them. They are something I just LOVE and it is nice to have something that you cherish from someone you love and admire.

Can you say "French Chicken?" Le Poulet....can't wait to make a chicken or rooster out of this fabric!

Many of you who have taken workshops from me know the power of cheddar and the reasons why. I found these French yellows which fall into the cheddar catagory for many reasons and I went nuts.

I showed you some of the hearts people sent me and this one was sent by Pam-I love anything with a message and such a nice one too!

Had to show you the birds someone made last year at my Post Falls Retreat...pretty cool!

In all of my dreams I never thought I would see an actualy "Hello Kitty" house. Who would pay big bucks for this? I like whimsy but this seems like it goes a little far. What do you think?


Miss Tina said...

ok, I love the Hello Kitty House...LOVE IT

Pam said...

oh yeah.. I'm so glad you did get my heart!! :0)

WoolenSails said...

That house is too much, love it, but wouldn't want to live in it.
Today I realized I don't have enough hippie style fabrics, lol.


Sewhappy said...

I love your blog it is always so interesting. I think that those little dresses are adorable and the hearts, you have obviously touched many. The hello kittty house is unbelievable, I think it is cute! Probs couldn't live in it but very cute.

Sewhappy said...

I love your blog it is always so interesting. The little dresses are adorable and the hearts, you must have touched many. I like the hello kitty house, probs couldn't live in it but it is cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the dresses and the idea of framing them. My Mother crocheted and I have a potholder that she made probably more than 50 years ago that looks like these dresses. I've always kept it in the bottom of my
dishtowel drawer. Time to take it out of there and get it on the wall!

Have fun on your travels but remember to make time for #1. (That's you, Mary Lou!)

Wonky Girl said...

I LOVE that house and would live in it depending on a good floor plan. Location would be best if tucked away at the end of a wooded lane (to stop lookers).

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh horrors! That house is too much. Even for me, and I love pink.