Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Two Latest Story Quilts Going to the Quilter's-I can't wait to see them!

This is the one quilt I have wanted to make for years. It is on it's way to the quilter so there are no faces or detail yet. But there will be. Many years ago my Dad told me that whirleygig hats were motorized and we were going to fly to see my Grandma in South Dakota in the summer. I believed him. So this is something that feels very nice to me. My Dad had a good imagination and he sweetly kidded me and after all he was my biggest influence in my art. I miss him greatly.
Think about the wonderful story quilts you could do about your school or something fun that has happened to you or? Grab some fabric and an open mind and come and join me for the fun of building something wonderful to represent YOU.

I finally got my line here in my studio. Wonderful, clear pretty colors and pretty colorful plaids that you can't find anywhere. Taking these pretty fabrics and mixing them with some wilder large prints make you look like a color genious. Isn't that fun to have it so simple and it looks so complicated? I will be putting these on my website as soon as Becki from Quiltropolis can walk me through it. I want to redo alot of what is in the store so it looks a little nicer. :0)
If you would like your store to carry this line it is called "The Best of Mary Lou" by Benartex. My designing another line depends on the sales of this line. If it doesn't sell well, than I am done with Benartex. We'll see what happens. I would like to see them do a few more lines with me after all.

This is anew story quilt on the way to the quilter's house- it is going to be FAR different once I embellish it and stitch in the words....good advice for my Grandkids who are represented by the six flowers in the treasure jar.

I have been having so much fun laying trims and laces and things inside these flowers...I discovered this goofing around-GREAT fun for any one who likes new things and "stuff" and embellishments- can't wait to show this quilt off when it is is going to weigh tons! But it is going to be colorful and have many treasures all over it! OK, after surgery I realized I needed a new pedicure and so far I haven't felt well enough to go and get it. Sorry my toes are showing. :0)


WoolenSails said...

Love your story quilt and can't wait to see the details.
Wonderful way to make flowers. I am always looking at trims now and thinking of how I could use them in quilting. Also thinking of story ideas, need to get the right brain working again.


Maree in NC :-) said...

Two more incredible quilts, Mary Lou! Can't wait to see all of the embellishments and what treasures you put in the jar! I especially love the rolling hills and your cute toes sneaking into the picture! :~)

Mary said...

This is so fantastic! I just love it...reminds me of the great books I read to my children. Very fun!

Donna Avila said...

PLEEEASE bring your flying beanie quilt to Asilomar! I HAVE to see that one! You are amazing, as usual. See you in a few weeks! Feel better. Donna

pajudie said...

WOW - just love your story quilts - they are so much fun. Love your Dad's story, too, about the whirl-i-gig hats - how nice that you were able to remember that in a quilt!! Love your bright plaids and colors -

Chris Daly said...

Oh Mary Lou, what a fantastic quilt!! and such a great memory. I LOVE your swirly Best of Mary Lou fabrics

Pam said...

I LOVE your whirleygig quilt.. I keep coming back to look... :0)
you hit that one out of the ballpark...
can't wait to see it all blinged.. :0)