Saturday, January 08, 2011

Working on MANY quilts at a time-what fun to begin the New Year!

So, my hippie girl above fails in this photo...I am going to get a professional one done as soon as I get her Peace sign metal earrings on and all of the doodads I have planned. I am hoping to run into more peace sign stuff this year that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. :0) Remember those daisy pins? Those too.
Well, I just got my hippie quilt back and am enjoying it and wondering if Mark will care if I hang it on my diningroom wall, haha. I am getting things ready for both Road to California and my show at the LaConner Museum. They plan a reception from 10amto12noon on April 2nd so if you live in Western Washington or Oregon hope you come and see my quilts! LaConner is such a cute town. By the way, I plan to bring alot of quilts to the workshop I am doing in Broward County Florida and hope those of you who live close will come. I have two dear friends that have done awesome quilts in my classes that will attend. Charlotte and Laura are sisters and I have shown their things here- They are hooked on story quilts and I love what they are doing about their lives and stories! Please come.
Peace! Haha this was fun to do and what hippie didn't love weird sunflowers?

My hippie quilt has come back to me from the quilters. Hooray! I am embellishing it and LOVE putting the peace signs, buttons, crystals and other things on it. VERY fun.

The image below is a quilt I am working on about my family's vacation when we "flew" to South Dakota-my Dad told me that he was going to buy motorized whirleygig hats and we would fly to South Dakota-it was at an age where I believed him. I love working on this quilt!

The New Mxico quilt has been an on going project. I have sewn so many things to it and tweaked it etc. It is going to hang at Road to California. I still want to embroider some more of the stories I put in there. I could do dozens of New Mexico quilts! It is such a wonderful place in so many ways. Someday I want to do a food quilt that is all HOT food....I burned my mouth on more than a few things. Uffta!

I was so lucky because when I was in Sante Fe, a quilt artist named Holly brought me a box of awesome things like milagros, this shell lady below, buttons, doodas, skeletons and other fun things. I LOVE "stuff" to sew to quilts (if it pertains to the subject). Holly thank you for making this so much fun!

Remember that show "Palidan"? Well I think this looks like that actor Richard somebody. Don't you?

I have sewn on dozens and dozens of milagros on the New Mexico quilt and loads of crystals, charms, buttons and other weighs a ton but I LOVE it.

Below is my view of my backyard. Now people are complainging about the cold and yes, it is cold. But we have warm houses, warm coats, mitten,s scarves and food. And what beauty lies in front of us! I think it is beautiful in so many ways and there are so many sad, poor, lonely people out there that if the only thing you have to complain about is the weather, you are pretty lucky. Go and do something. :0) Someone would probably love a card or a note from you! And look out your window and think of ten things you are grateful for. It's easy and helps your cells be happy! Sounds silly but it is true.


WoolenSails said...

I love your new pieces, such fun and wonderful memories.


Kim Brackett said...

Your quilts are unbelieveable! I especially love the Hippie quilt. Brings back memories!

Sandi said...

Have Gun Will Travel with Richard Boone playing Palladin was one of my favourite shows along with Gunsmoke. Loved Kitty Fester, Doc and the Marshall.

John Wayne movies were also a favourite of mine.

Can't wait to see you show in LaConnor Mary Lou. Your quilts are loking great.

Maree in NC :-) said...

The New Mexico state tourism board really needs to see this quilt, Mary Lou! :-) Makes me want to pack a suitcase for an extended visit there!

You surely were a cute hippie chick, too! Love those big hoop earrings! :-)

Hope that I'll be able to see these masterpieces up close and personal one day!

Your snow covered view is beautiful! Very well said about the grumpy folks who always complain! Too many people just don't realize how very blessed they are!

PEACE, Y'all! :~D

Pam said...

fun, fun... thanks for sharing..
the embellishing is the icing on the cake!! :0)
can't wait to see in person...

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your hippie quilt. Love the hair, and hair band, and all the bracelets. What a hoot! Sure brings back memories. You're the greatest!

The Happy Camper said...

I LOVE your quilting style-th play on words, the colors, the fun stuff. I got the last spot in your Hoochy Mama class at Road to Cal! Can't wait! I bought fabric for the class yesterday, I tried to go very far out of my comfort zone, so it will be interesting to see what will appear. See you then ;-)

Cheryl said...

Hi, Mary Lou. I noticed one of my favorite scriptures on your blog, Phil. 4:8. Thank you for the reminder. Following this scripture makes for a much more pleasant life experience, doesn't it? Enjoying your blog very much.
Cheryl McBride from Colorado

Maree in NC :-) said...

So glad that blonde will now make it to Toronto! LOL :-P Smart thinking, Mr. Pilot! :~D

Em said...

I have eagerly awaited a glimpse of the New Mexico quilt and smiled as I see some fabrics I recognize and was fondling ones you gifted to me last night...And the hippie, OH MY HECK!!!!!!!! I saw the socks at Westmich and I will be making some tonight, so CUTE!!!!!!! Em

Barb said...

The Gods must be very angry with me. Taking a class from you has been on my bucket list forever. Always hoping you'd come someplace close ~ and now that I moved from Fla to VA (3 weeks ago) I see you are COMING TO FLORIDA!!! I can't believe it. I must have been a bad girl in a previous life!