Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Quilts Become Changed and New Again, Retreat Info and Being a Light in the World

Sometimes I go through older quilts and think "hey why didn't I embellish this better?" or "Why didn't I add more people or birds, or words or.....
Well, these photos are of a quilt I am adding buttons and crystals to and redoing part of it so I have some more examples of how to make something you did better. I need a new quilt for my diningroom now that my neighbor Connie came and took the Christmas quilt home to put a sleeve on it for my Museum show-she is working on many quilts and getting those sleeves on. Thank heavens for nice neighbors!
Anyway, thought I would share this with you.
RETREAT -my retreat price is wrong-it should be $535. plus the hotel which I am going back and forth with Red Lion on a better price. Right now they quote me $89.99 for a King and $99.99 for two queens. We'll see what I get from the deal online I am going through. Actually this price doesn't seem so bad since it is on the river but a better price is always welcome. I will provide real tiaras again this year and new pins and bags with something I design. Laurie Latta will be cooking her awesome food again. We are already half full. If you are interested write me and I will give you info on sending a check to hold your place.
MISA-Madelyn Island school of the arts should be on my website and for some reason my updates are not showing. Becki, my computer guru from Quiltropolis will fix this I am sure. For those of you close to Wisconsin that want to take a story quilt class in October, this is your chance. This Island is incredible and a lovely place to be creative with story quilts. Write Kate at
Also, in my chatroom, I wrote about being a "light" in the world and not argueing over politics or religion or something that is personal to you. Share, smile, help, listen and stay pleasant because in the end, you are a better example of whatever you believe. When someone starts in on what they "think" my mind goes to planning dinner or something and I only hear "waa, waa, waa." Say something happy and positive and I listen and pay attention to every word you say. Hope you are being surrounded by people who are lights in their own little world.


WoolenSails said...

I do that a lot, wish I had done things differently.
I got to a point on my new one, where I am not sure how I want to go, so I sit it aside and stare at it, until it hits me.


Sandi said...

Mary Lou,

I'm so glad Laurie is going to be our chef again, her food was fabulous!

I've been to retreats where by the end I could hardly eat the food was so rich.

Laurie has just the perfect balance of good and decadent!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Wish I could come to that retreat. Maybe next time. I love your comment about being a light in the world. You are a shining example. I hope to be a light too.

Em said...

MaryLou, I perused the post but can't see detail of dates and place, can you guide me where to look to see if I can come play. My heart wants France my pocketbook says, stay in the USA. Em