Monday, January 03, 2011

Living Through A Friend

So, Mel who is co-authoring a book with me due out in July is always going and doing exciting things. It is 0 degrees here, tons of snow and my feet are cold as I sew in my studio in the basement (until the lotto comes through).
Mel on the other hand is in Jordan riding camels with her son and husband and visiting the Valley of the Kings and eating extrodinary food and visiting many sites that are written about in the Bible. Gotta go and make my peanut butter sandwich for lunch and put on a heavier sweathirt. :0)


Maree in NC said...

WOW! Mel's trip sounds absolutely fabulous! :-)

Mary Lou, I hear you about that sweatshirt and peanut butter. At lunchtime here today, I actually went and put on a second pair of socks and lit the fireplace ~ just before getting out the pimento cheese and bread. ;-) LOL


Terry said...

Well, how come she didn't take you too?

Pam said...

Isn't it nice to have friends to live vicariously through??

Mrs Moen said...

Lol, I too am waiting for the lottery to bring me a fantastic (and huge) studio. I'm sure your basement is a pretty fun and creative place to be though.-)

Carol said...

Did I hear correctly that one of the winning tickets was in Washington? Are you packing your bags for travel to exotic and warm locations??