Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Quilt By Laura (Charlotte's Sister) who is coming to the August Retreat

I am going to load some prizes on later tonight but I had to share this most wonderful quilt by Laura who has taken a number of my story quilt workshops with her Sister Charlotte. Laura just sent me this photo of her quilt which is a memory of a dance recital the "girls" danced in many years ago. They are still young and fun and creative! I had to laugh because one of the fairy gifts I gave out were rings. They were plastic with silver in all colors. Laura had a pink one I think and on the plane ride on their way home a snooty woman asked Laura what kind of stone the ring was? Laura didn't smile and didn't miss a beat and just said "it's plastic!" Then when she and Charlotte got off the plane they laughed. They are fun for sure. AND they were the girls that gave out the bumper stickers (for fairy gifts) that said "Hoochy Mama's are Easy." Very fun and something you keep in your sewing room and many others out there wouldn't "get it." If you are fun and creative, "you get it."

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Wendy said...

How fun is this and how special these sisters are!