Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Those Coming to My August Retreat-hotel info

I just went to the Howard Johnson which is changing to a new name (see my link) and I have held a small amount of rooms for those of you who want a clean nice hotel. It is across from truck stop restaurant for good breakfasts (my husband says) and it has a continental breakfast too. Plain and simple fare for $100 a night.
OR This sounds like a winner if you read this!
If you want to upgrade to a nicer and more expensive hotel on the river then there is the Red Lion Templins which has a river view and breakfast for $134.99 plus tax a night or no view of the river and the breakfast for $129.99 a night. This has a great reputation. NEWSFLASH! One of the girls called to this hotel and here is what she said! It isn't as much as you quoted
especially when the 3rd night is free. You just might want to let the
others know that or they can find out for themselves just like I did.
I have good things planned and because there is a small number of people I will be giving away fabric and some other nice surprises that I normally would not be able to do. I also plan to take the students to places that small groups and attend in both Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. A wonderful place to wander and sew if you haven't been here. The kitchen is large and lovely with a huge serving area so we will be able to smell lunch and dinner and eat snacks that will be out all day as we sew. :0) Good news. I am working on my new book and just figured out some new blocks that no one has seen. Prepare to be inspired! Story quilts are my favorite and I have some drawings for handouts to give you great inspiration and creative avenues.
Please let me know when you have booked your rooms so I can get my reservations back. Thank you!


WoolenSails said...

That looks like fun.
I may try and get up to maine when you are there, so if I can, I will be sure to stop by and say hi.


Sandi said...

I wish I could come again to this retreat Mary Lou, but don't have vacation time left...maybe next year.

It sounds like fun, can't wait to see the pictures and hear what people created.

Mary Lou Weidman said...

By the way, the sky vodka bottles were brought empty to me by a lovely friend who contributed to my bottle tree-the red bottle is my most favorite! Just didn't want you to think we drank our way through the can't drink vodka all day and be creative-but we did eat fabulous meals and will in August too!