Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mosaic work can inspire and get many people "Out of the Box"

A wall in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. One of my favorite cities ever!
So, I have a young friend who has everything going for her and she has a couple of college degrees and I told her she needs to move and get a taste of life somewhere else in the US as she can always come home but she shouldn't miss adventure, new people, new places, fun and learning. I had a list of seven cities I thought were great and Grand Rapids Michigan was on there because of their originality, people, opportunities, beauty and ART. What a cool place! So, I was looking through photos and I remembered I never did share this wall. And since I am a quilter and loved pieced things and hey, Van Gogh did little dots for figures, this is right up my alley and you might be interested also. So I want to inspire you with all kinds of things and today it is wonderful Mosaic work in Grand Rapids! Enjoy and imagine.

Lips are another cool shape to use for art. What do lips do? What do lips say? What shapes are lips? What color are lips? Get out of the box and think about these things.

Hey, a face done in mirror. How cool!

Eyes are the path to the soul and isn't it the truth? Can't you look into someone's eyes and tell if they mean what they say, if they are caring and compassionate or if they are empty because of the things they put into their body? Eyes are a wonderful thing to include into your artwork....I wonder if you have thought about that?

The planning and the detail in this wall had to have taken time. Eyes are always so profound as we always look into people's eyes. Have you ever noticed how to bothers you when someone will not look up? I just talked to someone this week and NO eye contact. That really bothers me and if they were my friend, I would ask them to work on looking people square in the eye.


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

These mosaics are amazing! Who knew grand rapids was such an artsy place! Had no idea.... Thanks for another dose of inspiration!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Isn't this fantastic! These mosaics are amazing. I can't wait to see what else they do during Art Prize in September. GR is a very artsy place.

Mrs Moen said...

That is one fantastic wall; I want to redo my boring white traditional Norwegian wooden house - now!

Sandi said...

Great lines and form! What great pictures, what great imagination of the creators.

Makes me want to go on a road trip there soon, thanks!

Maree in NC :-) said...

Absolutely fabulous mosaics! Thanks, again, Mary Lou! :~D

Vicky F said...

Hi Mary Lou
You sure captured some nice photos of the mosaic! In person it is so sparkly and alive (I work less than a half mile from it).
Would you believe that after ArtPrize was done last October, someone "complained" that this art was violating sign regulations. Hello? This is art, not a commercial sign, people. Fortunately the complaint got dismissed and the mosaic wall stayed.
Vicky F (from your GR class)

PeggyinNO said...

I know you should never say never, but I KNOW I will NEVER go to Grand Rapids to see the wall in person, so I am so glad you came across thoses pics and posted for us to see!! That is one fabulous wall! So much to see. Thanks for sharing!

beth said...

wow! that wall is amazing.

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Thank you all for sharing on this! Hey Vicky thank you for commenting and isn't it odd that you have such fabulous art in your city and some stupid person complains about a sign ordinance? It has to be jealousy or something. I don't think anyone can be that stupid can they? I am still blown away at the art in your city and hope to come back again to see more!