Monday, June 07, 2010

Civil War gift my neighbor made for her Dad for Father's Day and a 2nd birthday for my little Grandson

This is my talented and sweet neighbor Connie. She made this wonderful wallhanging for her Father for Father's Day. He is a Civil War buff. The detail in this is wonderful and she mixed wools with cottons and the tent is another fabric and the details are things. It is wonderful and I hope my photograph skills which aren't the best do her justice. She is much prettier than the photo I took and I should have taken more than one. I started a neighborhood quilt bee here and invited the neighbors I knew who quilted. I realized yesterday they all start with a "C". Connie, Cindy, Cathy,Carrie and Carol. How weird is that? They may start their own Bee and get rid of Mary Lou who does not fit. :0) Anyway, it is fun and it makes me happy so many neighbors quilt.

Blowing out the candle and Dad helps from the background. :0)

This was the birthday scene yesterday with my little Grandson on his second birthday. His Father is a man's man and he adores his Dad. We bought him a ball glove and he instantly grinned when he opened it.We also bought him his own tackle box with worms, hooks and bobbers in it. I soon learned I could have saved alot of money and just bought a dozen bobbers. He was entranced!

Now it is time to get back to sewing and working on the book I am doing with Mel. It is alot of work but it is really fun showing what getting "out of the box" can do.
Hope you are enjoying this wonderful month too.


WoolenSails said...

I love Connie's quilt and how she used materials to match the authentic look. I bet her dad loved it.


Sharon S said...

This quit is amazing! Lucky Dad! Cutey grandson too!

Sandi said...

Connie did a wonderful job chosing fabrics, I love the green burlap looking grass fabric.

The detail on the hilt of the sword is also well done, she should take a bow for her hard work.

I'm sure her dad will enjoy it for many years to come.

I'm also sure you will enjoy your grandson's joy with his tackle box and mitt for many years to come. What a cutie!

Cindy Lou said...

Hey Connie, nice job. You have such a talent. Your dad is going to love this.

Your grandson is cute.

See you soon from one of the C's.

Connie said...

you are right ,that is a bad photo of me :) Scary face.
I mailed it off to Dad today ,I'll let you know what he thought of it.