Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Molly's quilt get's first place! Sweet Caroline quilt and what you won't see in my book- Mongolia gets how to's on quilting!

This little girl is from Mongolia and the story of this is at the bottom of this post-google will not let me move her down nor can I copy what I wrote to move it up........arggghhhhh. Keep reading please...................

Molly Evangelisti who was with me in Sante Fe got a call from a friend and her husband that her story quilt won first place at the Sacramento quilt show. We were all thrilled. The story here is the first night they met and went out and how it blossomed into a happy and wonderful marriage-they celebrated 25 years not long ago. It is heavily embellished and she has already started new stories and is waiting for me to send her drawings about Sante Fe so she can work on that too! Congratulations again Molly. We all love this quilt.

Nancy Donahoe made this quilt for her Granddaughter (started in my Asilomar class) and it appears in my book minus the border....I have to say I think the border is outstanding and I wanted you to see it this way. Her colors are superb and the whole quilt is lovely. Note that she used my alphabet that I would like Benartex to reprint for our story quilts- for 2/3 of a yard you get 2 full alphabets with 1/4 inch in between each letter so you can sew together sentences, names, places and thoughts. If you would like this, please write to and ask him to reprint this. Your letter may be the one that helps. :0)
Edith Shanholt
Carol Honderich
Marie Troyer
Marcia Vierck who all worked on a chicken quilt from one of my patterns that they raffled sent me a lovely letter. The girls all went to Mongolia to teach the people there how to quilt and they sent me a lovely photo of this little girl. Isn't this photo wonderful? I firmly believe we could all have peace if everyone would be a quilter-how can we get those aggresive men to start sewing anyhow?


WoolenSails said...

Love seeing the quilts with a story, wonderful way to capture a memory.


Maree in NC :-) said...

What a precious little girl! Those are amazing quilts! Congratulations, Molly! :~D