Saturday, November 28, 2009


So, I did not buy a Day of the Dead purse although maybe I should have. I love the hats the girls wear and the happy memories that people show when they design these. It is hard for us Americans who are not used to thinking of skeletons as a happy reminder of those loved ones who have gone before us. I "get it" now.

Above was just one of the lovely cupboards in the casita Molly and I stayed at wonderful stained glass and there were other there as well.

This large painting was in the lovely dining room at the bed and breakfast we stayed at. I thought it was lovely for color and action and composition too.

I have always loved these folk art Hispanic cowboys that are carved. Very fun.

I have never liked snakes but adore chickens. Here you see a nice mix of both and with the beautiful colors, I think I wouldn't mind a snake but then I didn't buy one so I can say that. And this is the first time I have ever seen a Navaho lime green chicken. :0)

How would you like a wall in your home covered with these?

I love anything of any culture that shows the love of a Mother and a child. I thought this was quite beautiful.

This sculture is HUGE and it stands out side the Museums in Sante Fe. It is so much more wonderful in person. This is called Musuem Hill and it has wonderful exibits in two or three different Museums. Georgia O'Keefe's Museum (downtown location) is there as well.

They had wonderful metal work of the Sante Fe Trail. I thought this cowboy looked handsome and the horse was wonderful!

Molly decided to ride along with the boys. I thought this was great fun!

This was outside the Indian Museum in Sante Fe. I didn't see anything even close to this when I got inside.

I am not sure why-maybe because my Dad took us to Rodeos every summer and because we often went to the Calgary Stampede but I adore anything with a cowboy and a horse on it.

A sunset, I never get over the color God provides to our eyes at the end of the day.

Look at this color! As the sun went down, the buildings turn a gray color and the sun throws this beautiful red/orange color on the building to remind you it is still here a little bit and what beauty it provides.

So, today while everyone else was shopping my Husband and I attended the funeral of my daughter's best friend (since 3rd grade). There were alot of tears shed by alot of people and everyone who wanted to had a nice chance to share what they wanted to about knwoing Angela. I was very proud of my daughter who got up and shared memories including hours listening to Debby Gibson songs when they were young. This lovely photo shows Ange 2nd from the left when she had a break from the hospital and my daughter to the right of her as well as their other good friends. This has impacted my children greatly to see that at 31 it can be over and they all have said they want to let people know more that they love them and not to leave anything undone with family or friends and to let people know you care. Hope you already knew that lesson of life. Count your many blessings and remember that people are our greatest treasure, NOT stuff.


WoolenSails said...

What a trip this time, lovely art and a farewell to a friend. I do love the colors of southwestern art.


Sandi said...

What a lovely picture of Angela and all her friends. They all look so happy to be together at such a stressful time.

May your daughter and her friends find peace in her friendship and memories and good times they spent together.

Your pictures of New mexico are lovely. I've only been there in the sprin and not enjoyed the beauty of the fall.


Nicolas said...

Mary Lou,
Thanks for all the sharing you do! I always love to read your blog because I feel like I was with you!
Your daughter's example of love and caring is wonderful, this is what makes life good.