Monday, November 09, 2009

Home again this lovely Monday

So I have been over on the Washington coast teaching in Sumner and Bellevue. Lovely ladies, beautiful leaves and the happy ombience of that part of the world. A nice nice place to live and to visit too.
Today is my Mother and my Father's birthday. They were both born on November 9th, a special day for me as I remember both of them and all of the nice things they gave me. I miss both of them so much and wish I could just pick up the phone to say "hello" and ask them how they are doing and tell them about something cute my Grandchildren have done. My goodness time goes fast and I hear myself saying all of the things that my Grandmother said to me that I half ignored because I didn't have the wisdom to see that someday I would feel just like she did and know things that young people cannot possibly know. I always hope that somehow she can know that I know this now. Isn't it funny that we either don't ever get to the point where we recognise the wisdom of our elders or we do and know how precious and valuable all of those insights were to us.
This is Thanksgiving month and I would love to think you are making mental lists of people and things you are thankful for. The more we realize how much we have been given, the more we feel content with what we have. "Gratitude and unhappiness cannot co-exist." This is so true.
And in two more days, my book will be released and that will be so much fun to know it is out there. :0) I am thankful that more people will read the book and get out of the box to make more wonderful creative things for us to enjoy seeing. :0)
I go to Sandpoint Idaho this week and then I go to New Mexico (where I have never been) and then I am home to celebrate so many lovely things God has given to me with my family which is the most precious gift I have. I hope you have a lovely week and take time to see the beauty and good things God has blessed you with this season.


WoolenSails said...

That is so true and you don't realize it until they are gone.


Sandi said...

May your thoughts and memories keep them close to you and the ones you love always.

Glad you had fun on the coast and more at your next stops.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.