Thursday, November 26, 2009

CRASH! BOOM,BOOM!! BANG!!!! (loudly)

So when one is on the road everyday is an adventure and one never knows what they will face. Molly and I rented a darling little casita when I finished teaching so we could look at art and such in Sante fe and Albuquerque. One night I was reading in the living room and Molly said she was going to the desk to plug in her computer and read her emails. It took about two minutes for the loudest crash I have ever heard! I thought the wall caved in (no kidding). I said "are you ok?" And she said, the desk fell totally apart while I tried to plug in my computer. I can around and saw the bottom of the desk on the floor and it had NO nails and NO screws and it was holding up tons of weight. Luckily there was no child there or they would have been killed.

The pot above was resting on the desk and luckily it did not get broken. Here Molly has a relieved look as I take a photo for memories sake. Shhesh! It was a great room but......

Cute buildings and grounds!


Sandi said...

I like how many of the adobe building have a soft turquoise accent around the window frames. I've also noticed some interesting grill work that looks like heart in hand block.

I have a picture of it somewhere. Thank goodness Molly saved the pottery vase, it is lovely. And even better, that she and her computer were alright.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful place to stay, just look, don't touch, lol.