Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beautiful New Mexico has captured my imagination!

In case you cannot figure out what this is, it is a curled up horse painted on a table. There are two of them and I think they are fabulous! So many ideas, such beautiful use of color!

Who could live in New Mexico and not believe in God? He is everywhere-the light is fabulous!

Can you guess what these pencils represent? Ask Anthropolie and scroll to the next photo.

Below was out all time favorite place to eat and hang out in Sante Fe. Stay tuned either here or on my newsletter as I plan to give you the recipe for the best pancakes in the world. Keep reading.

The pancakes below are ricotta, LEMON, poppyseed and they are the best pancakes I have ever ever eaten. Sign up for my newsletter here on the right and keep reading this blog, I am posting the recipe on one of these places soon.

Here is Molly chowing down on pancakes and a breakfast burrito...I am running back to the table to eat, hence the fuzzy photo.

The other half of my breakfast....yum!

Great sculptures are everywhere! I love the folksyness of this one!

It is surprising that all of that fabulous color comes from people who live here in adobe houses...almost no color. :0) It is quiet and peaceful here in a wonderful way.

here is more of the Mural I took the photo of....there are lots of murals in NM but this was by far my favorite. Kind of a story like my quilts. No wonder I love it!

Here is another table from Harry's Roadhouse Diner. Neat stuff to see and eat!

Molly loved this cow so I took a photo of it. Perhaps she makes you smile too!

This wonderful candle holder was in the first house we rented. Pretty wonderful in color and design also. Wouldn't this be wonderful on a quilt?

Here is Molly and I waiting for a dinner table at Harry's Roadhouse again. We didn't want to try anywhere we might not like. Everyone at Harry's was so nice and the food was good so we kept going back. :0)

The above sculpture was in Albuquerque. I thought it was cool

This bunny standing on his hand was at the same place in NM. I thought this was clever and it made us all smile.
If you have not ever visited New Mexico, please do, as the people are lovely, the colors are sensational, the quilts ideas are endless, and there is inspiration everywhere you look!


Sandi said...

I love the rabbit doing the handstand with his hat in the other hand. It looks like he is doing it on top of a world!

The sculpture above it looks like a bear fetish to me.

New Mexico has such wonderful places and things to see. I love going there and exploring again and again.

Can't wait to see what you have to share with us tomorrow.


Barb said...

What wonderful photos! Definitely inspiration in all the colors ~ and now I am hungry for lemon pancakes. Can't wait for the recipe.

Linda said...

Oh my! Thanks for sharing your photos. My husband and I are planning a New Mexico vacation in 2010. Now I'm really looking forward to it.