Thursday, March 13, 2008

TN Quilts and Story Quilts and COLOR and FUN

Above is Linda's gypsy. She has a ways to go but is this wonderful or what? Linda works at TN quilts and knows more about color and fabric than most anyone. It is fun to see her work.
Here is Linda cutting for her blocks.
Linda is working on her borders and background for her gypsy.
The quilt above is Kristi's. She is doing a story of Daniel out of the Bible. The colors were lovely and sophisticated. She is really good with color and design...and drawing too.
Below is Kristi working hard on her project.
The workshop area at TN quilts is nice and open and good light and a great place to create.

Above is Sue and her daughter Beth. They were great fun, knew how to do any kind of jewelry, stained glass, woodwork, knitting, sewing, metal arts...pretty much anything you can name, they know how to do it. Amazing.

This is Sue's story quilt for her husband's birthday. By the end of class she had a pieced quilt behind the legs and stuffed toes on the feet. It is a story of her husband coming home and getting ready to get into bed but the floor was covered with pins because Sue sews in the bedroom. He stepped on a pin and hopped around until he got another one in his other foot. Who can't relate to this problem if you sew? Men's feet are like pin magnets. Isn't this great! Hope I can use the finished quilt in the book I am working on. :0)
Beth, Sue's daughter brought a photograph of her children with Super Hero outfits on that they made. The photo was darling and the quilt is going to look just like it! This will be a great lecgacy quilt for the kids when they get older and now, can you imagine how fun this will be for them?

This is Deb's quilt that she did for a gift for her husband who loves to camp out, use his chainsaw and loves his dogs. Great fun! Her border was wonderful too!

Here is the people who stayed until the very end and enjoyed every last minute of time together.

Here is Sue hard at work on her borders for her Story quilt.

This is Sandra with a large pile of border blocks for her Christmas quilt. She recalls when she first got married buying her husband a $1000. guitar that is worth alot more now. her picture is awesome and hopefully you will see this wonderful quilt when it is published.

Here are girls hard at work on their blocks. This is a lovely place to be able to sew and laugh.
I thought I would share a few photos of fabric I took. sells everyone online that they carry. ALL 8000 bolts. Can you imagine loading all of this on a website?
They also sponsor a quilt conference called Quilt Fest that is tons of fun. I got to teach there and had a ball! Jonesborough is a wonderful old city with lots of history. Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket were both from that area. It is beautiful there.

If you look closely above you can spot a few fabrics I designed. They carry a nice array of my Grandmother's house line. This store is great fun for anyone who loves sewing and fabric.


Tina said...

great quilts, i love to hear everyone's story behind their quilts. talented women........have a great weekend.......Tina

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou;
Loved this blog. Would you allow reproductions of the "America Wants You To Quilt" or would you consider having that printed as a poster to sell? It is hysterical and should be in the studio of every Quilter and every Quilt Museum.

Thank you for showing us these pics.