Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Living on the dry side of Washington State-INTO EACH LIFE A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL-DRIPDRIPDRIP

If you have to be wet you might as well be happy and stylish!

What could be better than cherry boots? Maybe a cherry hat and coat!

The road are wet

The sidewalks are wet!

Kids are getting wet

Couples are getting wet, and I am cold and tired of this liquid weather....
I live where the weather is supposed to be dry and arid. I always have Spring fever this time of year as I get to travel to places where the sun lives and where gardening starts early and the blossoms are out months before they are here. My husband went golfing today and it started out sunny for about an hour and has been overcast and raining since. It's a bummer. Chilly, cold, damp....I went to put my vehetable peeliongs in the compost out in the backyard and I sunk into the mud in the garden...yuck.
The upside is my garden. I am sure it will be lovely this summer. Soon we should have delecious rhubarb, asparagus and those delcious California strawberries to enjoy. Spring does have lovely perks...my tulips are up and looking healthy so soon there will be that color along with my crocus's. I cannot wait to get into the dirt for fun. The air smells fresh, the air is cleaner, the colors of the plants is prettier, it is a good excuse to put something great into the oven,
candles smell better, and a nice blanket is cozy if you are watching TV ir sharing hugs with Grandkids. :-) Hey Apple Crisp sounds pretty darn good....Does anyone else feel this way? I can smell it now....


Sandi said...

Mary Lou, I'm sorry to hear you are having such a damp almost Spring. We had a wonderful sunny day here on the west coast today. I went for a walk at work today at lunch with just my sweater on.

We did have some sprinkles over the weekend and snow on the local mountains. But Spring arrives tomorrow night around 1030, so keep looking for the sun!

On Sunday I took a picture of a yard that had all sorts of crocuses pushing up through their lawn. They even had a daffodil or two poking through. It looked wonderful. I'll share some pictures with you when I get them off my camera.

Sandi in New Westminster on almost the last day of winter!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Lou - Your note on digest came at just the right time today. I have been unpacking . . . cleaning . . . and just grumping along. Came here and looked at all your cheery photos and I now feel so blessed. Amazing how much better I feel - positive - ready to continue getting settled in. I have to post anonymously as it won't take my password. But . . . you know who I am. ;) Thanks for making my day!! Love - Fran from Iowa