Sunday, March 02, 2008

More Asilomar photos from 06-thank you Karen

This is Brenda and her quilt from Empty Spools class of 06-isn't it great?

This is Rana who is cutting like crazy to get her quilt done...nice Complentary colors

This is Jan who has a nice Grandma quilt going in the background

Mary Lou, Molly, Helen and Karen- this group could get into alot of trouble :0)

This is Lovely Mel with Mary Lou's "Jack's House" quilt

This is Lorraine taking a breather....

Above is Dorothy who did a lovely quilt about her Mother's cooking (Italian)-she had an apron that belonged to her and she matched wonderful fabrics to it....a great concept.

This is Diane who was working on a quilt about her studio and loving to quilt.

This is Cherise. Cherise is a friend that opens her home to me when I go down to LA area to teach. We have spent alot of shopping and laughing and sewing time together.You may recall Cherise's dog from an earlier blog...he ate my glasses. :0)
We've had alot of laughs about this.
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Sandi said...

Great photos and inspiration yet again Mary Lou! A dream of mine is to spend a lengthy seminar with you one day.

Just have to get the time, money and inspiration all together and book a trip!

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Leavenworth Robin said...

Enjoyed your pictures. Looking forward to your most recent ones. Hope your classes went well, as I am sure they were a "Hoot"!