Sunday, November 04, 2012

Learning How to Deal With Pain

So I have three older Grandchildren (one of them a girl) who are playing hockey and love it. This week my four year old Grandson went to the rink with his Mother to learn how to skate. He loved it and gave up the beginner bar and showed no fear at going daughter said it was hard keeping up with him and she is a good skater. Alas, he went too fast and crashed and he cried all of the way to emergency for his stitches because he didn't get to keep skating. The good news is that all three of my kids and their spouses skated today and he got to skate again. I think he is hooked! PS- that is his Uncle behind him who played professional hockey here and in Canada.


Sandi said...

He will be very proud of that scare for many years to come. Congratulations for wanting to keep on goin!

Bev said...

Awww....look at that little guy! Brings back memories of having 2 little boys and more than a passing acquaintance with the ER doctors and nurses. :)

Cheery wave!

DianeP said...

Oh... poor little one - hurt while skating. Good for him - got back up and tried again.

Future hockey player for sure!

Deborah said...

Ouch. That looks sore! Is he proud of his first skating injury? My girls always thought they had more fun when bruising was involved!!!

kim kerschl said...

oh dear! that's all part of being a kid, and a boy, I guess. he'll heal in no time and be wizzing safely around the rink!
kim in va

Marlynne said...

Poor Baby! Glad he got back out there thought!