Saturday, November 10, 2012

GIVE THANKS (you aren't a turkey) and FOR COLOR!

I often talk about the value of cheddar and how oveerlooked it is when making a quilt. Cheddar is the complement to any blue, any purple and any teal or turquoise....add some value as in lighter or darker and you have a winner...look at how pretty these fabrics work with one another.
Imagine a whole leaf quilt made of greens and teals and blacks and cheddars...beautiful!
This iws a fun quilt that makes you smile but also has great color and personality. Hope this inspired you! I love teaching Autumn quilts because the colors are so beautiful and varied....


Bev said...

I love that turkey quilt! Thanks for putting on closeups of the blocks!

Cheery wave!


Sandi said...

Great colour pallet Mary Lou,

I took a lot of pictures yesterday of the Autumn leaves on a pretty sunny cold day. Makes me want to make a leaf quilt and here you post one for inspiration.

Thanks, love the turkey feathers.

DianeP said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! That's what your quilt is saying to me - what a happy turkey!