Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Autumn-Jump Off of THESE Ideas! So FUN!

My Tahoe quilt chicks group made these last year...I loved this fabric that my dress's were out of!
Since it is Halloween today I thought it a good idea to put this quilt of mine here!
Love the images this time of year and wanted to share some things that are happy and things you can jump off of.
KIDS art is always the BEST! Ideas anyone????
For many quilts from Market in Houston go to my other blog at Mary Lou and Whimsy Too! So fun!


DianeP said...

Thank you, Mary Lou, for all the Halloween inspiration!

Love your witches best of all and the candy corn socks.

Wore my annual brown Halloween wig yesterday with the spider on the band, and one of the nuns didn't recognize me at choir practice! That was pretty funny!

kim kerschl said...

I love the kids halloween art- looks folksy. All the pictures are certainly idea generating!
Kim in VA

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog last week and have really enjoyed it. I have one of your books, the one with the cows I believe; most of my books are in storage until I can weed out some unnecessary stuff from my sewing room. I made some of the funky girls as I call them about 6 years ago and made one I called "Witchie Girl," but as I look at it now, it looks like "Amish Girl." I will try to attach it or send it to you if I can.