Thursday, October 04, 2012

Six Yr. Old's Drawing and Memphis (no wonder everyone writes songs about it!)

How is rthis for a happy picture by a happy six year old...she is the cousin of the 7 year old who draws with me fun! Hoping to start doing more in workshops with drawings...makes a lot of sense.
I had to show you my little six year olds Mermaid...she loves to draw all of the time and when I went to her house today she had dozens of drawings on the door....I loved them all but the mermaids were my favorite....she draws all day long. Her seven year old cousin is learning how to break free and enjoy drawing. I love teaching this to kids and adults. To see a really cute drawing the 7 year old did that would make a GREAT quilt, go to my other blog at Mary Lou and Cherries Too! To read my posts, simply click on any photo and learn what I have to say!
In Memphis we started out with Flower Power, Hoochy Mama and FREE piecing fun and everyone really got into it once it clicked. Good stashes in the south...the colors look so pretty!
Cowgirl cutouts from my Self Portrait Workshop....Imagine cutting out mermaids! That might be another lesson I teach...would be so much fun!
Art is everywhere in Memphis and I took this painting photo in a little resaturant. I am influenced by everything I see!
The Memphis cutting garden was humid! Haha Camille and Ginger were two of my good buddies in class and know, just fun and super talented quilters who were working hard at out of the box techniques and doing super....great stashes and really fun girls!
This photo is of Allison, my hostess for the Graceland tour and the person who brought me the most incredible cheese and fruit tray nice to have this in your room while you are teaching instead of all hard candies or something...I am not trying to sound unappreciative...I am just really happy with fruit and cheese and dark healthy. The house behind Allison is Graceland. Allison is one of those really pretty Southern girls who always is positive and nice and you can learn alot from. She did some really cool things and I think she is going to have quite a wonderful story quilt to show. She lives in a horse farm and raises chickens (to go in the story) and hopefully I will get to see this in January when I might go back to teach some more in the South.
The lady in red is Patty Hampten who is a quilt artist and teacher. She is the one who contacted me and asked if I would like to come to Memphis. She shared the airline expense with Huntsville so it worked well for both of these nice guilds. Patty is really artistic and fun and out of the box so it was really fun to see what she did and how she mixed colors! Patty is funny also which is always nice for me...I love to laugh and be happy.
Here are the three girls together.
The most beautiful arbour with zuchinni hanging down....awesome! Only in the South!
We stopped for lunch at Leonards Barbeque....had a beautiful waitress and a delicious lunch...the coleslaw was too mustardy but the beans were the best I have had and the pork was wonderful.
It is really quite hard to cram a week and a half into something of real substance. Memphis is so different than where I live and the Southern charm is great....people say "thank you", hold doors, compliment and are generally nice to the help. I always watch this because I am thankful not to be a desk clerk, a maid, or a waitress which are all thankless jobs and they work so hard too! If you have a job, be thankful and if you are working around cranky people just consider the source and know that most of us appreciate you and what you do. AND say, how about letting someone know you appreciate them today? A friend, a waitress, a neighbor or someone who lives in your house or a phone call away. This world needs more love and more people who are thankful for their many blessings. I am thankful for you! If you everget a chance tovisit Huntsville or Memphis, grab it and if you live in Memphis, I might see you in January.

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