Monday, September 17, 2012

Inspirations for Artists and People Who Want to be Happy

So as many of you know I am inspired by what I see on any given day. Whyile in Oregon (a beautiful state!) I took photos that might inspire me while I am designing and so I am sharing the wealth of my photos so you might be inspired to do a story quilt or a fun quilt! We are visual if we do art and we need things to take in and inspire. Ignore downers like the news (it always brings you down), friends who are not adding to your upbeat happiness, situations you need to take yourself out of....AND instead Write down five things that make you happy and that inspire you and then write down five more that most people would not think of....NOW you have a gratitude journal and you can be upbeat by using this instead of reading something that you take in and are upset about whether you realize it or not. Get yourself some upbeat, positive friends and go their way if you need to. There are so many positive quilters out there....
Isn't this sunflower and person art wonderful? Medford airport provides alot of inspiration!

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