Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"COWS " You said???Look at these bovines...so fun! Plus Mary Lou's Retreat next June....

I am packing my cows to take them to Huntsville Alabama and then I am taking them to Memphis. I can't wait to show the girls there how much fun they are! In the meantime I keep getting letters from people asking where they can get the cow pattern. It is in a book done by myself and Mel Mcfarland called Out of the Box with Easy Blocks. I am making an offer below if you order it from me. I will fill the orders in a week and one half when I get home. Love to put those surprises in the package too. If you are looking for a really fun project that is easy and CREATIVE to stretch with, this is your project. Here are many samples from friends and students. Hope you love this show and tell as much as I do....
I see I have repeated some of the same cows here but I can't tell because on my copy of the blog, it is only letters and looks like gobbeldy gook....know what I mean? Hope you enjoy these...I sure do....Starting with an empty slate and putting the cow together in about 2 1/2 hours, and then using your creativity for fun is what it is all about! A Bee project is a great idea too...challenge each other and see what you can come up with!
This cow was done by Kathy Collins and I had to put it in here because it has all of the plaids from one of my fabric lines here...I LOVE plaids and hope to do a line with cool plaids included...just for YOU...and me too!
Out of the Box with EASY Blocks is the book you want to get the directions on the COW quilt....so many ideas and so fun!
Thought I would show the changes from where I started....these are so much fun to do! Honeslty if you get the book, you won't be sorry. I am going to send other measurements for a 3/4 size with every book I sell as well as a fat quarter of fabric, a past card, and a Mary Lou pin...and a pattern of mine too....
Closeup's are fun because you can see the details!
Kathy Collins used the hoochy method for her background of her cow....love this!
Sue made such a clever headress on her cow...we all love it! Every single friend here did something different and this is the fun! I might mention that I teach a two day workshop on these cows too....
To order the book and get the extras go to Marylouweidman.com
ChiCOWgo, PsyCOWdelic, Cowabunga,Marilyn MOOnroe, COWtown, ACOWtant, and just try switching or changing the words "Cow", "Heiffer", "MOO", Dairy", "Milk", "herd"....and see what you can come up with. We will be looking for 45 quilts to show this spring around April at Large shows....please think about showing your creativity....the COW Parade has already been shown to three large shows and we hope to do more and more and have it " spread" (get it? across the world! Try it, you will love it....I am on my 5th one! ----------------------------------------------------- I am almost full for my next retreat. If you contacted me about coming please send in your $300. HOLD money. The FARM CHICKS, Post Falls Days and Art on He Green in Brown's Addition will be connected to the retreat again! Hooray. Miss Tina will be back to cook for us also. You can contact me or you can into my website like you are ordering a pin and in the place for a note put that you would like to put your depoit down on the retreat. Marylouweidman.com Mari, I got your check and Sandi I got your charge info with the pin order ;0) Thank you girls...we have fabulous people signed up this year...it is sure to be the best ever!

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Sandi said...

Hi Mary Lou,

It is fun to see what you've done with your blog layout. I like the mosiac, but prefer the classic because then I see what you've writtent about.

I'll have to send you a picture of my cow jumping over the moon once I get it back from my quilter.