Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Many of you checked out my website the last couple of days (over 100 yesterday and I think it is because I had my template changed to loads of photos you could click on. I loved the look and would like comments on whether to leave it like this or change it back to photos everywhere you can click on. Please let me know. I am going to Huntsville AL and then Memphis this week and when I get back, I will either leave my blog like this or change it to tons of photos like the last couple of days...please comment. In the meantime, these photos made me smile and I wanted to share something smile worthy with you, my friends. Isn't September Glorious? Quilt watching the negative news and start looking at inspiration and color, design, line, shape and fun! This is what makes us happy and fulfilled and don't we want that? People around us want us happy too! Happy September to You .
All buttons! WOW
And finally, my cousin John who works at the Magic Castle...look at this close up and it is pretty funny....he is creative and fun.

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