Saturday, June 09, 2012


Above is Kathy Garcia's quilt ready for her story. Kathy and her sister Juday took my class at Empty Spools (Asilomar) and then got in the car the last day and drove to Idaho for my Mary lou Retreat. It was delightful having two such nice sisters to be with for two weeks! We hope to do more Idaho fun next year! After shopping at Farm Chicks and Art in the Park in Spokane, they were glad they drove. Tina Our cook, had to buy another suitcase! Such wonderful things and shopping for new fabric here proved success too! Chicken salad sandwiches with herbs spices, grapes and good stuff...yum. Tina who lives in LA came and cooked and baked for us all week in Idaho. The art center is situated so that she can cook and be with us. The kitchen is hooked onto where we cool! This little mascot had bars and cupcakes and good stuff on her all week long! this is Diane's great beginning of a Flower Power Quilt....lovely colors, light givers and super to watch it develop! Here is Miss Tina preparing a super salad lunch! As many of you know, we swap blocks in my Yahoo room....Mari Linfesty took her owls we swapped and did this fabulous quilt....loved looking at all of the details...Mari has many quilts she has done thanks to the girls swapping blocks! A childhood photo of sisters Charlotte and Laura inspired this darling quilt that Laura worked on in Idaho....we call them the bunny sisters because I bought them bunny ears one year and they still wear them! They coould be stand up comedians and they have wonderful memories about their mommy and daddy and it is fun to listen to them! Tina made cappachino muffins with chocolate chip spread to have with breakfast...her ideas and meals were wonderful and each student gets a recipe list Above is Diane from Nebraska and Linda from Boise Above is Judy and her sister Kathy from Pacific Grove area...we are all at a Mexican restaurant after shopping at Farm Chicks and ArtFest In Spokane Laura, Sandi (Vancouver British Columbia and Tina from Orange County.... Going right to left is Sue from Orafino, Idaho, Charlotte frrom Broward County Florida, Kathy from California Debbie from Boise and Laura from Texas (San Antonio area....this Texas town is not right but close.... :0) I guess I didn't warn laura I was taking the photo I always worry that everyone will have a good time. Well, I worried for nothing...the fairy gifts were wonderful and Timeless Treasures sent each person a nice fat quarter packet of wonderful and colorful fabrics and we had all kinds of goodies. Tina's food was wonderful and we got to see alot of Idaho and Washsington which was fun for all of us. I am going to have another retreat next year and will take first come, and give the girls who have come the first option to come back. We all made lifetime friends and made wonderful memories while creating with invention and creativity. Super fun! Stay tuned for more about this special week. I have lots of photos of Farm Chicks!


DianeP said...

Thank you for sharing all the pictures and fun from your workshops! Looks like everyone had a lovely time!

Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Mary Lou, it was a great time and I'm looking forward to coming again next year.

Thanks Tina for being such a great cook and many thanks to Timeless Treasures for our lovely fabrics.

One more thanks to everyone for our great fairy gifts.

Donna Avila said...

I remember Kathy and Judy from 2011 at Asilomar! We all ended up with some kind of bug and couldn't finish! What a joy to see them again! Wonderful! Donna