Saturday, March 10, 2012

Whimsical Joy from Great Girls who Got Creative! And a surprise if you read this.....

It is always music to a teacher's ears when someone tells them the class made her find her quilting "nitch"! This darling girl has been quilting and making perfect seams and stitches and learned the rules. This week I showed how to break the rules so your artist can come out to play and experiment and grow and be joyful. She told her husband this is a life changer...isn't that lovely? She commented that her children are gone now and her dog passed away and her day to day experience was kind of the I ever know how that feels. She thinks now she has a whole new journey and will be creating and growing. I can tell she "get's it" and she will be growing and having fun! So for me it is kind of like remembering where I was when I started working my art concepts into quilting....every day is an adventure as I create and invent. Is your day routine and hum drum? Learn to bring your artist out for play! This is what quilting should be about. Discovery, fun, and "ah ha" moments to grow from. It was fun to see many of my students as repeat friends who came back for more adventure and stretching. Now, to take that home and keep the discovery going!

Mary's Flower Power Wall-quite lovely!

Carol makes a quilt we all would love on our door, bedroom or kitchen very whimsical!

The samples and people here are from the Port Orchard/Gig Harbor area where we had a lovely Flower Power class and a couple of lectures and alot of laughs and fun. The weather was sunny and beautiful with blooming flowers and on the last day it was over cast and today I drove home in the rain (382) miles....Nice memories of nice people and fun blocks and good show and tell from Western Washington-quilting is alive and well on the coast I am happy to say.

and since you read to the end of this nice post I have a nice surprise for you.
I have a neat page I use for making your own awesome buttons for projects as in the middle of flowers. buttons down someone's blouse and a million other creative ideas....check out this wonderful link!


Sharon B said...

Such Creativity! The bird is cute, cute!

Carla Eldridge said...

I've been following you for a week or so now and for some reason could not figure out where to leave a comment! Silly me, but I am following you because #1 you are a crafty quilter fun person and #2 Michael and Connie say HI!