Thursday, March 22, 2012

Old Photos Take me Back and Make Me Happy TOO

I love old photos that remind me of my childhood...especially lately as I am seeing that I am on the downside of my life as time moves on and I get older and older.... :0) (By that I mean I know my years are numbered). Minnie Pearl was an icon in our home and I had an Aunt named Bess who was very fun and reminded me of Minnie. Once in awhile I put a price tag on a hat of someone in my story quilt because of her. Do you remember how she yelled "Howwwwdy! ?

I have lots of photos on my computer from who knows where. I had the flu today and can't sleep so I am going through files.
I LOVE this photo because it reminds me of my Grandfather Leonard and his wife Louise (my darling Canadian Grandmother). At night he would always sing a song to her in bed and kind of make up the words as he went along but he always called her "Lou" when he sang the song and always called her Louise when he spoke to her in the kitchen etc. He always ended with "did I ever tell you about the redhead that was crazy about Me?" And then they both told each other they loved one another and went to sleep.
I have probably told you this before but it was so sweet and my husband and I often speak about it.
He was very eccentric and really my Grandmother was a Saint. Enough said. :0)

I have been thinking alot about grade school probably because my Grandkids are there and a couple of the older ones are getting to that know. This photo reminded me of dancing in a girlfriends kitchen and talking about boys and a night when I was in 7th grade when we had a party and made pulled taffee and I wore one of my dad's shirts to be cool...thank heavens NO one took photos...I cringe when I think about it but really everyone in my neighborhood was naive, innocent and dopey and I wish for that for my Grandkids. It is such a nice way to grow up.

I loved this photo because I often see older couples when I travel where they help each other out because of bad health etc. It is lovely to see this sweet couple remembering that once she was young and they knew each other when they both had good health and could do all of the things young people do. It does get harder as we get older but my goodness we gain so much wisdom and sadly we "think" we know so much when we are young and we don't. That isn't a bad thing though, it is just the nature of being young. Looking at this again, the guy is probably her son but that is ok too because he knew her when she was young and visa versa.

You know it is very nice to be a quilter or someone who sews or does something with your hands. Here is why. It gives you the chance to get to know new people and make friends and take classes and make more friends. As we get older we need friends. This photo reminds me of my Grandmother and my Mother who both had good friends who were widows and they all had fun doing things that were new. Their generations waitied for the word to make a sandwich, do something (anything) for their husbands to please them. Then when the husbands passes away they were kind of lost because they had based their life on giving to their life partner. I saw this with alot of women. My Grandmother always told me to get up before my husband and to get dressed, look pretty and make a nice breakfast or he would go down the street to meet the lady who lived there. :0) My husband told me early on not to make him breakfast (thank you) because he liked a cup of tea in the car on the way and nothing more. I fugured if I didn't get up with him he wouldn't see how bad I looked in the morning and we would both be happy. I have been married 43 years so I guess something worked.

I love putting the moon in my quilts and as I often tell my students it is a nice way of remembering God in a symbolic way, just so He knows. These moon photos both made me smile....I wish we had some place to get a photo taken with this backdrop....with quilting fun!

Today count your many blessing and share your smile and say something NICE to someone. You will make the day better for BOTH of you!


Patty ♣ said...

Mary Lou! I enjoyed your post so much! The pictures are gems, and your thoughts are also. I hope that you are feeling better.

Celia said...

Your post made me think... thanks and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Marlynne said...

I so enjoyed your priceless ole photos & the stories youn told about them. You have such an interesting blog1 Hope you will come visit me once in awhile at