Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Student has comments about Story Quilt Workshop

Mary is alot of fun as you can tell from the Halloween shirt she wore-it says "what did you call me?"

A letter from Mary to my chatroom friends about the story quilt class....

Ladies, she wore me out or maybe it was the 1300 miles i drove. I came home so
full of energy, you know; clean my sewing room, organize all my scraps, sweep,
clean basement, clean yard, wash outside of my house, power wash deck and they I
realized I was exhausted and didn't do a thing for 2 days.

The class was so much fun, I never heard a complaint and I heard lots of
laughter. Wow the stories that were told in class would take a year to make. I
am actually working on my story quilt every day, today I got shoes on my feet
(my DD wondered why I had Duck tape on my feet) and a wooden spoon in my hand,
tonight it is time for the cat. Things just keep running around my head (lots
of emply space there). Tonight one of my DD called and said she thinks she and
I should make a Haloween quilt together. I said, fine, she can do the

I write like I talk, too much. I just want to urge every one of you to take a
class with Mary Lou. She will never run out of ideas.

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Patty ♣ said...

I L♥ve! Love!! your Shirt!!!