Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mary Lou Speaks on 2nd half of Pat Sloan's Radio Program TODAY!

I am so pleased that Pat Sloan is going to interview me MONDAY....I want to tell some things to people about my take on quilting and some funny things in my life...after all why listen if you can't learn something and smile while listening! Right?
Please come and visit....just "click" on her link above


The Happy Camper said...

You totally are the grand poobah of quilters. I think I've told you before, first time I met you was about 12 years ago at Road 2 CA, I took Everyday Angels. I sat next to you at a lunch, I was so star struck (felt like a teenager sitting next to her favorite Spice Girl-that would be Quilty Spice). And you're just so nice and fun! Can't wait to listen to Pat's show. Are you teaching at Road this year? You've mentioned retiring a few times, I getting nervous I won't get that story quilt class taken before you decide to put the rotary cutter down. Love ya-Grandmaster Quilt Royalty!!!

JKW said...

Great radio interview with Pat Sloan. I enjoy you and your class' different quilt ideas. I am a cloth doll maker. I am getting closer to doing a quilt. These are awesome. Blessings, Janet

Miki Willa said...

I loved the interview with Pat. You did such a good job relating your philosophy and some great stories. I am so glad I got to hear this broadcast.