Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Inspires Us to Come Out and Play with Witch Blocks! FUN!

I tried to load this last but alas, the blog thing would not let me. Anyway, I bought this amazing fabric and wanted to make wild and fun dresses for my witch. Fifteen friends decided to make fifteen blocks and we gave ourselves one year. Pretty wonderful. This week we swapped and it was so exciting!

Here are 12 of my blocks all put together just to see how it would!
I told people at first I wanted sashing in between but I think I like it this way with a border...I would love comments and what you think...please!

Below is Deb and Kathy who are best friends and both do fabulous work with two sided quilts...I think they will do a fabulous book. Anyway, they are showing some blocks that they are giddy about and who wouldn't be? SO fun!

The girl above Deb and Kathy is Tina who should be called "Tina Talented!" She is standing in front of her bags that she made up of her block and some See's candy inside...naturally hers is my favorite...boy, how can you beat See's candy?
Tina might be cooking for my next retreat in Idaho and I am very excited about it since she LOVES to cook and I have had her food and it is wonderful. The retreat is almost full....still have three spots.
Autumn is my most favorite time of year....there must be some poetry about Halloween and Fall isn't there?
PATTERN FOR THIS-I do not know where the pattern came from and I think my friend Wendy and her friends changed a garden girl pattern to witches instead. Since the pattern was given to me and I do not know where it came from I do not feel comfortable sharing it. I know many people copy my copyrighted patterns and pass them along thus leaving me with less income on something I have spent alot of time on. I do not want to cheat another designer out of money that she worked hard on-this may not be the case but I am very careful of this since I work hard and right now the economy is making it harder to earn a living doing patterns and books.
The pattern may be for sale somewhere or online....


Sam said...

Delightful witches! now I have to make some too.

YankeeQuilter said...

Love the witches blocks...and I'm with you - they don't need sashing. (unless the sashing has flying monkeys or brooms...)

Sandi said...

Your witches are cool, I think you need a small lime green border before having a fun hoochy border to pull it all together.

Sorry to hear you were sick while away, but glad you had some fun!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your witches!! Is there a pattern for them? I don't think they need sashing, they look wonderful! Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Just like this... no sashing is my take. Very lively!