Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Madeline Island Photos-More of the Magic of Madeline Island in the Fall

Here is a quick photo of part of the classroom and my Halloween Witch I did Hoochy style...if you like Halloween and witches and stuff, take my workshop next year on Madeline Island the second week of october-sign up now and save MISA (google it online)

Folk art is everywhere which is simply wonderful and so much fun! This fish was just one part of the lovely metal folk art on the island...

Sunflower Flower Power blocks were a happy and whimsical project of a few girls who were making story quilt borders....loved these for their free design and invention

Folk art is on all of the walls of the different rooms at Madeline Island School of the Arts....I took different photos and will keep posting wonderful free artwork to inspire you. I loved this mask.
There were lovely shops both on Madeline Island Wis. and Bayview which is where you catch the ferry for a quick ride across. The photos below are simply things in the cabins or artwork we made in class or places I shopped....all very fun for story quilt ideas....

Above A view coming into Madeline Island from the do not do it justice...that Lake (Superior) is ao vast and the colors are just magical!

Here is a nice assortment of photos of the buildings, there are many more... it is really clean and beautiful naturally and the buildings make for a really happy environment!

Below is a nice photo Barb from class took of everyone working and deep in thought in the workshop (Story Quilts)- I thought I loaded this photo first because it is so fun to see students hard at work.....and in such a nice setting with lots of light

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Sandi said...

Very inspiration place to enjoy a creative workshop!

I'm jealous of all who participated and hope they all had a wonderful time.