Saturday, May 28, 2011

Western Washington Beauty in May Makes for Happy People

Teaching in Western Washington was fun for me because I could jam my car with quilts and fabric and fun. It is so beautiful on the coast of Washington this time of year and everyone is looking forward to some sunshine....SOON.
The student above who lives in Friday Harbour in the San Juans decided to play like she was making aprons instead of a flower garden...I laughed and snapped this photo.

My Grandmother came over from Sweden and my Grandfather came over from Norway-my Mother's lefse is the best in the world and sadly she isn't here this weekend to make it for me. There is nothing better than to eat something that brings up nice memories of the past and lefse fills that bill better than almost anything...stollen too.

Peggy Kent's yard in Paulsbo Washington provides lots to be thankful for in the way of beauty. Really, the flowers in the Spring on the coast os Washington State are just glorious!

I first learned about "Scoth Broom" in California and had no idea it is all over Western Washington. You can't poison it and you can't burn it and it spreads and chokes out good plants. I remember a friend had a grape vineyard and the scotch broom was just taking over. It is kind of like dandalions-they are so pretty if you don't know they are weeds.

I don't know what it is about clouds lately but I keep taking photos...everywhere I go the clouds call to me to look and appreciate them and the blue sky behind them...they seem to be different in each state though I know that soounds dumb. Clouds in art are so lovely....alas, I think it is hard to do well in about you?

Please please think about showing off your own story quilt in Galveston this summer. Look at the right hand column and contact Peggy Baldwin for the address of where to send your quilt. I am sending some of mine and we wants lots! Please be a part of this.

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