Friday, May 13, 2011

Take Me Back to West Virgineeeeeeee-a wonderful place with wonderful people! "Almost Heaven!"

Above is Rosemary with her jacket and my oesd design. Fun!
Gloria presents Harriet with the most delicious birthday cake I have ever had!

Below is the lovely lady (Gloria) who hired me to come to West Virginia. I am hoping that she will be doing a story quilt the next time I come back. She had the best sense of humor and she had a beautiful heart too. As usual I had my eyes shut. Every single photo of me as I was growing up had my eyes closed including every single grade school photo.

here is the class and we are missing one student who had to go and teach on photo day. Lovely ladies who were fun and shared willingly and we laughed and had sentimental things shared also. Quite lovely.
In case you can't read the sign it is "Cedar Lakes" right outside of Ripley Wrst Virginia.

Rosemary is all set for her second story quilt...can't wait to see it!

Below is Harriet from Chicago who is doing a story about her Grandmother who won a ticket to shoot a basketball at a professional game...cute lady throwing the ball-it is going to be a family and friend favorite!

Below, Terry shares her new border for her new story quilt! All drawn up and ready to be appliqued on!

Below, Linda shares her quilt with us...owls are "in" again and I am so glad..they are so much fun!

Details of Mary Lou's quilt!

Below is a quilt by Mary Lou who also took a workshop from me at John C.Campbell. This quilt is about her Mother and she has bobby pins on the outside blocks and bingo markers and all kind of surprises that draw you eye in. Wonderful!

Above is Terry and below is Terry's story quilt from another workshop she took from me. We have been together at many workshops along with Harriet. The details in the quilt below are very fun and joyful.

Borders and color palette's vary as much as the stories do.

Below is part of a GREAT border.

Rosemary took a class from me before and this is her story quilt. West Virginia is almost heaven. She has her farmer husband who wants her to be a farm wife and she says she wants to be a princess which she is in this quilt. Lots of details that are fun!

Below is Mary with her border blocks and many ideas. Mary is a natural artist and a nice person who everyone enjoyed. She is also very witty and funny.

Karen's blocks are below. I am missing a good photo of her. Imagine a beautiful woman with white (darling hairstyle) hair. Karen's quilt is of her turning seventy and all of the things that she has loved during her life. She is a great collector so this will be wonderful.

Here is Mary Lou and she is creating a new story quilt about she and her husband at their Lake place. The drawing is darling with them holding hands at a table outdoors. I can't wait to see it done.

They moved this bridge built in 1872 to this site to keep it. Isn't it lovely?

I had to show the beautiful capital building of West Virginia with it's lovely gold leaf that glowed in the pretty and impressive.

Below is June who really got into the happiness and the whimsy of the class.

Fran below is so cute (loved the laughing photo). She has a great picture drawn of her Mother serving a traditional Polish dinner for Christmas eve with everyone in the family doing different things. It is going to be a legacy story quilt for sure.

Rosemary shows off her reversible vest and note the jacket she is wearing -it has my embroidered patterns all over cute.

This property is owned by West Virginia State and is simply wonderful. I hope to be able to go back in the Fall of next year or maybe the next. They used to do many quilt retreats here and now they do a few. It is a pleasure to be creating in such a wonderful place.


WoolenSails said...

I just love seeing your retreats, everyone always looks like they are having fun and always smiling.


Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing Mary Lou, it's fun seeing these interesting places and talented quilters. I want one of those bridges!

Harriet said...

It was fantastic! I hope you'll be able to do it again. Everyone should try to come. Just say when and I'll be back for sure!

Very Terry said...

Me too! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a WV Mary Lou Retreat every year?! SO glad you made it - I had a thoroughly delightful week. :o)

Graciela said...

Hola me encantan tus trabajos y los de tus alumnas, bien libres y descontracturados!!
Te sigo!!
besos desde Argentina♥