Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maui IS heaven on earth when you have good sewing friends to share it with

So, last fall four of us girls were talking about the beauty of Hawaii and what a nice place it would be to sew and create! And before we knew it, we planned a trip to Maui where my friend Mel owns one of the most beautiful places with a fabulous view and a great place to sew. Such fun and excitment-my heart was beating the whole time. We ate, sewed, laughed, drew, created, tasted, smelled and listened (fabulous Hawiian music). A shot in the arm for everyone. Tina started a blog while there called "Quilt Silly" and it should be a great one as she is hilarious and so sweet. Molly and Mel worked on a Witch swap (15 witches pieced) and got them done...I still have to do mine and when I see what they went through, I am kind of afraid. What? I always tell people there is nothing to be afraid of-but you know how those swap blocks have to be perfect and match the sizes...
It was lovely to share things about our Mothers and our families and how we view life etc. This is what quilting and sewing and crafting friendships offer us. This is why I like to teach for I am a quilter and love being with quilters.
Tomorrow I get on the plane early to go to Prescott for two days of workshops and then to see my sweet Aunt and Uncle and my cousins Patty and Mary Eleanor.
I will try to add some more photos tonight...I have lots.

This is a view out Mel's window....can you imagine? It is so beautiful on Maui...and we had the perfect place to sew and enjoy the breezes, the smells and the beauty.

SO many images that are pretty and beg to be in a happy quilt!

These pancakes were yummy- Tina and I shared a plate of them and couldn't eat them all. We both agreed the rice was the best we had ever eaten...I am going to try to make it here. Will share the recipe when I figure it out.

This is a photo of the best rice I ever ate in my life!

This was an outdoor craft fare- there were lots of quilt things on the island to buy but most had machine stitching quite thick around the flowers and I thought it took away from the beauty. We did see some hand appliqued quilts there that were quite wonderful. I did a pillow once and that was the end of my Hawaiian quilt days. So much quilting and work-I gave it away.

Here is Mel with shaved ice-you choose three flavors to have them add and it is hard to choose

The chickens and roosters are so wonderful in Maui and the colors of their feathers shine in the sun and they just beg to be in a quilt! Or maybe a stew.

The floavors of the island of Maui are quite wonderful-so many different tastes..and the colors of the food! Wow. I enjoyed the fruits, the pork and pinapple things, the nuts, the salads are wonderful too-anything fresh was my favorite! We ate alot of Maui taco's while there and they were good too. Probably the best meal to me was a breakfast of macadamia nut and pinapple pancakes and a brown rice dish that had prchuguise sausage, eggs, onions, garlic and was fabulous-we split it 4 ways because it was so huge.


wackywoman said...

Sounds divine. My daughter is married to a Hawaiian and his family uses Oyster sauce instead of soy sauce for their fried rice.

WoolenSails said...

It sure looks beautiful and warm, wish I were there, lol. Those pancakes look good and hope you can figure out the recipe, I love rice and love using pineapple in my recipes.


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Are the whales there yet?? They come around now or march.... they are so amazing... I am so jealous.... i love Maui... sigh. ooh! go eat at Gerards.... yum. downtown... french.. oh so good... have fun!!!!

Sandi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm hoping to go there soon myself!

Will have to find out the restaurants you went to.

Welcome home, can't wait to see the new book.

Linzee said...

Looks like you ladies had a fantastic (and warm and yummy) time! I'm jealous that Mel and Molly got those witch blocks done...Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos.

angelsister1951 said...

what a fun trip and love that you share such great pics...
i just signed up for the panama cruise next feb... i was so bummed i could not make it to france with you soo i am going on the next best thing... so hope all is good
love to keep in touch