Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So Kathy Collins made this adorable little pin cushion that i thought you would love to see. I wish it was mine but frankly in all of my stuff, I would lose it for sure. This is the good part of this.
Now, I have another thing to mention. I am always learning new things and some of them it is a shame I wasted me time and now I want to point out something to waste yours but we can both laugh and be glad we are quilters.
I was driving from the airport on Atlanta to Kathy's house and any of you who truly know me, know that I have NO sense of direction (NONE).
So, I got lost since I did not bring my gps and kidded myself into thinking I could figure out mapquest and simple directions. I ended up in down town Atlanta far from Kathy's house and in the middle of Dragoncon. Do you know what this is? I didn't.
It is a bunch of people (I would say nerds but that is so socially unaccecptable to say)...but they were nerds I think , that dress up as comic book heros and people from sci fi movies. There were so many strange things that I wanted like anything to take photos of for this blog but I could not find a parking place. In the meantime Kathy came downtown through traffic from some game and she wanted to go home. I was by then parked at the Ritz Carlton, all ready to go and gawk at these people but Kathy wanted to leave so I missed more of the strangeness. I am sure I was saved from something else that could have happened. If you want to see part of what I saw, look at this youtube clip....I wouldn't look at much more. I previewed this one and it is safe. Some people down there had hardly anything on (I am not kidding) or blood all over them (pretend) or some gaustly facemast. They had a parade and people took their kids. Whatever happened to pretty girls and catching candy from well meaning clowns? Just wanted to keep you up to date on what is going on outside of quilting and love of art.


WoolenSails said...

You find the neatest things in your travels.
Now the outhouse is a fun one, I remember those from my younger camping days;)


Kathy C said...

Did you all notice that when Mary Lou gets lost -- she winds up at the Ritz Carlton? Me, I'd wind up at a unsavory watering hole on the wrong side of town. But, Mary Lou, bless her heart, even when she's lost, she still has class.

Kathy C. in Georgia

Kathy C said...
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Maree in NC :~D said...

Love it, Kathy C! So true! :-)