Monday, September 13, 2010

John C. Campbell creates a place for five days of creativity, beauty and joy

This is one creative group here and one of our members if cut off on the right...poor Pat.
We began sewing one block at a time and building a quilt. One never knows in my classes what their quilt will look like when it is completed and this is the charm of learning as you go. Most traditional quilters who have quilted for a long time, taken alot of classes and always done things the same way are uncomfortable but OH! the end products are wonderful.
Stay tuned in this week for more wonderful photos and ideas from creative girls in class.
A lighthouse, a turtle, some flowers, a wonky house- bit by bit people piece and create stories....
I will show all my students in the next week but I wanted to start with the local girls who live close to the folk school. They are great. I think I may have pulled Maureen out of her box and I am hoping she doesn't go back to the quilts she used to do though I never saw them. :0) She was very very nice and a good friend of Pat's below.
I had a lovely photo of Maureen here and blogspot won't let me put it on so, tomorrow
This is Maureen and Mary Lou-I am not looking at the camera because I always close my is hard to get a flash photo of me with my eyes open....This is Pat who is in charge of the quilt teachers at John C. Campbell. She knows all about quilting and she is good at what she does-great in fact! See the beginnings of her quilt and her quilt for her Grandson of trucks etc, is going to be awesome.This is a dump truck that Pat made for her Grandson's quilt...isn't it great? All in all it was a lovely week for me and reminders of what is lovely and wonderful with life and it gave me nice things to write down that I am thankful for.


Sandi said...

What a great preview of things to come. Fun seeing how people incorporate their plaids into their designs. I love the polka dots jumping in and out of the blocks.

Terry said...

What a fun and creative group. I loved the turtle.

WoolenSails said...

It looks like fun to me, I like creating without thinking, you never know what it will become and that is what makes it fun.


beth said...

looks like you had some fun....again! Love that dump truck!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Omigosh, it was SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!