Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rebecka from Lincoln shows off her blocks

I just happened along into a student's blog-
Here are her sample blocks. You will see that she does cool stuff. Rebecka and Cathy and I went out to dinner and really enjoyed the evening. I am adding her blog to my links.

Linda Luks shares her Hoochy Mama fun! Aren't these beautiful? Plus how to make your kids turn into tamales!

Linda took a class from me in Walnut Creek at the Bernina class on Hoochy Mama quilts and look what great quilts she made. Below are her children who told her they were going to turn themselves into tamales. Good trick! Aren't these wonderful???

Darling darling girls! So wonderful to see pretty smiles and hear the giggles in your mind....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Loved this quote

"If your Mother wasn't so fancy, we could shop at the gas station like other people"-Homer talking to his kids.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Flower Power FUN-what a way to make an office Happy!-Travel overseas?

jeanne Mills and her daughter and friends had flower Power fun while making colorful wallhangings for her new office-aren't these happy? I miss Spring....
ON another note, Jeanne is my good friend who lived in France and takes people on the best textile trips in the business! If you would like to go to France or Japan and see exciting art and textiles, check out her website.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hoochy Mama is perfect for Beautiful Baby Quilts! Chris Taylor makes a memorable quilt for Baby Dear.

So, it is always wonderful to see what people use for fabrics in the Hoochy Mama class. Chris Taylor used the softest, prettiest colors and this photo doesn't show the beauty of each block. Maybe if you click on the photo you can see each one individually. It is beautiful and what Mama wouldn't adore this pretty quilt? hey, Chris, I love the green border....very pretty.

Here is Chris and I. Now I want you to notice something. Chris lives in Lincoln nebraska where the cold air will cut right through you. I have on a knit turtle neck, a double lined and quilted vest, a heavy suede jacket, a warm scarf and I look like I weigh 300 pounds. Chris on the other hand who is darling and petite, has on a little v-necked t-shirt and a light weight jacket. I am a wimp. Also, Chris has incredible hair. It is like angel hair. It is soft blond with pretty grey and other colors running through it. I couldn't help but stare.
Andrew Wyeth, the artist was wonderful in his later year of capturing hair with highlights and he would have loved her hair. Andrew died this week. He is one of my most favorite artists.
Can you see why I love traveling and meeting darling people and visiting new places? Each town or city no matter how small or big has magic in it and it is always the people that make you really love the place. If you are going by Lincoln,Nebraska, you will love it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lincoln's Sunken Gardens-A Place I long to Visit Again when it is WARM

So, the sunken gardens are filled with beautiful art and scultures. I only made it to a beautiful domb and I took photos as there are zillions of ideas and inspirations here. Isn't this wonderful?
Sheila who is a docent at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum ( website is ) took me to the gardens because she knew I would appreciate the art there and I do! If you have some time and want to go and visit an interesting place, Lincoln should be on your list. Every quilter should visit the quilt study center and take at least a day or two or a week or two and use their fabulous research library. Lincoln is so lucky to have this fabulous building and the collection of rare quilts!

This is all sheet metal surved in the round for a domb over a lovely patterned floor. Each detail cut is wonderful. Lincoln has cold wind but they have something we don't have here. They have the sunshine out most days and so though it is cold, it is beautiful and makes you giddy with the color of the sky, the fresh air, the beautiful light and the art available throughout the city. I loved it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lincoln Nebraska -FUN Quilters, Quilt Study Center, Runzas,Great shops and Art!

HOOCHY MAMA! Lincoln Nebraska style. I don't know why we are missing a block. :0)

Below is Mr. Wonderful. I love his size and haircut! It was too cold to sit by him so I tried something else.

The man above that is in the Haymarket center is one of my most favorite sculptures ever. Kim took me to a fabulous brunch and on the way home we drove past him and I yelled "stop!" She was lovely in that she not only stopped, but she took my photos for me too. Brunch in Lincoln is a wonderful experience and they give all of the women a lovely fresh long stemmed rose. Thank you Kim!

Above is Kate at the end of the day in the Hoochy Mama class. There were a number of over achievers in the class and NO one was a whiner or complainer which is always so lovely. Lots of laughs and lots of nice people who shared great stuff! I have some new recipes to share here!

The above wallhanging was done by Kate's friend Martha. Isn't it wonderful? Since this it has grown even more.
I am sorry that my camera battery died before the show and tell at the meeting where many students got their wallhangings done (quilted and bound), and well on their way.
I would LOVE photos if you have them please.

Here is Martha who has a great smile and is president of the guild. My photography didn't catch her smile and eye sparkle....sorry Martha.

Above were my 25 students who took two days of Hoochy fun- one day Hoochy and one day Flower Power. Pictured are two of my hostess's Meylonie and Mary.
Cathy and Rebecca took me to dinner at Fireworks (a must eat if you are in Lincoln) and we had Philly beef steak was the best thing I ate all year...I am not kidding.
Kate and Martha took me to lunch at the Engine house for good sandwiches and lunch fare.
AND I had Runzas twice in the week. This is a german sandwich my Grandmother used to make and I made once. They are filled with onions and beef. Really good and really regional too.

Here is a flower pot I made as a sample out of my bird fabric by Alexander Henry that I sell online...I love that stuff!

The lady (talented) who made this block also finished her flower power hanging as in quilted and bound. I forget her name (Jean?) but if she reads this could she send me a photo of her wonderful Flower Power hanging please?

Above is Martha with her Flower Pot. Pretty cute!

Above is Meylonie who was my hostess. She is showing her flower pot with a black and white background. Pretty cool! Note the buttons in the middle (stacked).

The infamous RUNZA!

Mary Lou entering the establishment for a taste of Nebraska!
If you haven't been to Lincoln, put it on your list.
Stay tuned for more on Lincoln and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum ( website is it's a COOL city!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Joy of Snow and Winter and the Dark Side of the Seasons.....

Here is the beginning of our heavy snowfall-my son in law tries to keep up with it.....

OK, so above is the beginning of our 110 inches of snow- what joy the beauty of the snow brought us, you can see my Grandchildren were so happy...and then......


Bang! Bang! Bang!

More crash, crash, crash!

And finally HUGE crashes and then silence..... with more snow from the part of the roof that is left! This is my daughter's house and the backyard awning and part of her roof caved in this morning as she and her kids were getting ready for the day....
Upon calling the contractor the insurance company recommended, they said "lady, you might want to call someone else, we have so many cave in's we don't know when we can ever get to YOU. :0) So, as you nice Californians, Arizona people and other Southerners think it might be great to live in the Northwest, think about it again. :0) Comments?

Friday, January 02, 2009


By the way, while you are reading this, keep in mind that I am almost 10 years older than Pam....and I do not think of myself as an old lady.
I just got a letter from my friend Pam and it made me really laugh. I buy perfume in this shop and gifts sometimes...I think I am going to stop. Here is Pam's funny story -hope she doesn't mind.
I haven't shared this story with you yet... and I thought I would email it to you, as your new years funny..and this a.m.. I actually thought it would be a fun story quilt....If you've ever been in Victoria secret.. in the very back.. past all those skimpy things they actually carry cotton underwear in great bright colors.... well made and perfect... for last year at my bday time they sent a $10 coupon.. so I ordered them online..... (bright, orange, pinks, hearts) you name it.... so they come.. and they must have changed manufactures.. and I wasn't happy anymore... colors still good but that's it..I even wrote them an email.. with no a few months go by and I get a call from Victoria Secret, wanting to take a survey.. I think.. cool.. I never take the time for surveys.... but I thought.. I can tell them how unhappy I am with their change.. so she starts off asking if any in the family work in garment mfg.. etc.. no..... (she tells me it will take about 5 min) so we're only into the questions.. less than a minute...and she asks how old I am.. I say 50.... she immediately asks if there is a female in the home between the ages of 18 and 45... I said no... and she immediately says thank you.. good bye!!takes me a minute.. but I'm thinking, what am I chopped liver? just because I'm 50.. I don't have an opinion on panties anymore???I'm laughing about this now.. but really started to bother me.. the more I thought about it..I emailed them.. and told them to take me off their mailing list.. and email list.. and cancelled my cute little pink credit card! which I think I got when they had the andre bocceli CD"s at their store only...hahaha..