Thursday, January 22, 2009

Linda Luks shares her Hoochy Mama fun! Aren't these beautiful? Plus how to make your kids turn into tamales!

Linda took a class from me in Walnut Creek at the Bernina class on Hoochy Mama quilts and look what great quilts she made. Below are her children who told her they were going to turn themselves into tamales. Good trick! Aren't these wonderful???

Darling darling girls! So wonderful to see pretty smiles and hear the giggles in your mind....


brenco1 said...

I love the Hoochy Mama quilts, but best of all is the tamales. Maybe I can do that with the grandkids. The colors on those quilts are just so cheerful.

Carol said...

What pretty and colorful quilts and precious little girls! er, uh, I mean tamales!
fun, fun, fun!

Anna said...

I just love the wonky churn dash designs and the bright colors! How can I sign up to take a class?