Friday, January 02, 2009


By the way, while you are reading this, keep in mind that I am almost 10 years older than Pam....and I do not think of myself as an old lady.
I just got a letter from my friend Pam and it made me really laugh. I buy perfume in this shop and gifts sometimes...I think I am going to stop. Here is Pam's funny story -hope she doesn't mind.
I haven't shared this story with you yet... and I thought I would email it to you, as your new years funny..and this a.m.. I actually thought it would be a fun story quilt....If you've ever been in Victoria secret.. in the very back.. past all those skimpy things they actually carry cotton underwear in great bright colors.... well made and perfect... for last year at my bday time they sent a $10 coupon.. so I ordered them online..... (bright, orange, pinks, hearts) you name it.... so they come.. and they must have changed manufactures.. and I wasn't happy anymore... colors still good but that's it..I even wrote them an email.. with no a few months go by and I get a call from Victoria Secret, wanting to take a survey.. I think.. cool.. I never take the time for surveys.... but I thought.. I can tell them how unhappy I am with their change.. so she starts off asking if any in the family work in garment mfg.. etc.. no..... (she tells me it will take about 5 min) so we're only into the questions.. less than a minute...and she asks how old I am.. I say 50.... she immediately asks if there is a female in the home between the ages of 18 and 45... I said no... and she immediately says thank you.. good bye!!takes me a minute.. but I'm thinking, what am I chopped liver? just because I'm 50.. I don't have an opinion on panties anymore???I'm laughing about this now.. but really started to bother me.. the more I thought about it..I emailed them.. and told them to take me off their mailing list.. and email list.. and cancelled my cute little pink credit card! which I think I got when they had the andre bocceli CD"s at their store only...hahaha..


Fiesta said...

that is a good story but sad that manufactors do not value or opinion or that at 50 we may still be sexual.

brenco1 said...

They just don't like us mature ladies because "we know all their secrets".

71square said...

Re: Victoria's Secret -- you should write a letter and tell them how you feel and why you canceled your card. Unless we speak up they will never reconsider their under-50 attitude.

I do understand how you feel. As a 51 I have also felt invisible in the store. But 50+ still have money to spend, may shop for their children and grandchildren as well as for themselves. I mean, a customer should be a customer, and shouldn't be ignored because of age.


71square said...

And btw, 50 isn't old. Broken in, maybe, but certainly not old!

Maree in NC :-) said...

And, just where are us over 50 girls supposed to shop for our "stepins", Grannies R Us? LOL :-P

Boo Hiss, Victoria!

Maree in NC who will be 56 on February 7th ~ and danged proud of it, too!!! :-)

Carol said...

Mary Lou,
Since I'll be 59 on March 7th, I suppose I will have to 'learn to live' without undies from Victoria Secret. But just between you, me and the gatepost, I'll admit that they almost drew me in with that bra they advertised a few years ago! Glad now that I resisted!