Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hoochy Mama is perfect for Beautiful Baby Quilts! Chris Taylor makes a memorable quilt for Baby Dear.

So, it is always wonderful to see what people use for fabrics in the Hoochy Mama class. Chris Taylor used the softest, prettiest colors and this photo doesn't show the beauty of each block. Maybe if you click on the photo you can see each one individually. It is beautiful and what Mama wouldn't adore this pretty quilt? hey, Chris, I love the green border....very pretty.

Here is Chris and I. Now I want you to notice something. Chris lives in Lincoln nebraska where the cold air will cut right through you. I have on a knit turtle neck, a double lined and quilted vest, a heavy suede jacket, a warm scarf and I look like I weigh 300 pounds. Chris on the other hand who is darling and petite, has on a little v-necked t-shirt and a light weight jacket. I am a wimp. Also, Chris has incredible hair. It is like angel hair. It is soft blond with pretty grey and other colors running through it. I couldn't help but stare.
Andrew Wyeth, the artist was wonderful in his later year of capturing hair with highlights and he would have loved her hair. Andrew died this week. He is one of my most favorite artists.
Can you see why I love traveling and meeting darling people and visiting new places? Each town or city no matter how small or big has magic in it and it is always the people that make you really love the place. If you are going by Lincoln,Nebraska, you will love it.


Dede said...

Mary Lou, You have a magic about appreciating people. You have artist's eyes that help you admire the tiniest details...this is why people love you, you make everyone feel special. And just so you know, YOU look great too!
I do love the baby colors of that quilt - great idea!

Miss Tina said...

I vote for the green border too! Nice soft colored Hoochey Mama Quilt. Darling!!!