Saturday, September 05, 2009

Here is our wonderful class photo- we took this photo at the 11th hour and we are missing a few friends. But aren't we an attractive class? Only two people remembered their tiaras.

Another fabulous time (week) at Asilomar with new and old wonderful friends, lots of laughter, a few tears and fabulous quilts made for memories and stories (
If you have not experienced this I encourage you to sign up for next years class -just click on the easy address above in this paragraph.
Many of us put little gifts out when no one is looking and at each seat is a little prize now and then. Laura and her sister Charlotte (they should be comediens) gave out these bumper stickers. I thought about putting mine on my suitcase for about a minute---it is now in front of my computer and another one is upstairs above my calendar-such fun and so true!

Kathy's hoochy Flower Power blocks from the book-great combinations!

Here is Charlotte's Hoochy border before the story about her brother who died of AIDS was added-she drew out a large dinosaur, him sitting on it reading a book and other darling things that represented his full and talented life cut short. The first sample she brought with a PINK polka dotted dinosaur with a boy reading a book on it's back walked off. If you see this please contact me as it was "lifted." A first for this 25 year old conference. This is still the best conference ever and I would never worry about my things there. This was a fluke and
not what we ever expect to happen with the lovely quilters that attend this wonderful conference. Each girl in the class made her a block and signed it. :0) Such fun!

I flew into LA where Mel picked me up and whisked me to her beautiful home in Manhatten Beach. She and her husband collect fabulous original artwork and interesting things as they travel with their two boys. The house is three story and lots of color and things to look at, read, think about and enjoy. After lunch and cupcakes (below) we drove up to Modesto to pick up her sister Andy and meet her lovely family. Above is her nephew John who had the coolest hair and I wanted my daughter to see how cute he is with this "doo." After an evening of chatting and getting to know a little bit the people I had heard so much about, we headed out for breakfast and then Asilomar.

After arriving in Pacific Grove, we went to Tasuti Zoo (my favorite shop in the Universe) and the Back Porch Fabrics (my favorite quilt shop in the Universe)-photos of Emily and Mary the owners of Tasuti Zoo tomorrow-----

After shopping and checking in, we went to our fabulous friend "Deb's house to have hamburgers prepared by Robin - I can honestly say that it was the best hamburger I have ever had and the best potato salad (next to mine) I have ever had. Our friend Kathy came and we had a wonderful evening in a beautiful home.

I didn't give Deb and Robin a chance to pose- I simply took a photo-wish I had taken more and warned them-they are such giving and lovely people-wish you knew them!

Here is Mel, ready to chow down as I take photos instead of helping my hostess.

I know you wonder why I keep posting sunsets but they are all so different and so lovely

There are three women who run Asilomar. This is Suzanne who is really fun, really works hard and really great at making everyone seem like they are number 1. I even gave her a tiara this year. For those of you who do not know, I always hand out tiaras to people in class for fun.
As Charlotte and Laura said "Everyone in Mary Lou's class feels like a Princess"- I think that is a story quilt. :0)

This was my favorite fabric this year in the window of Back Porch Fabrics. They sold this one out and then put another one in and I bought that too- they have great stuff!

This is the gate that greets you each time you visit

Kite flying on the beach is quite exciting to watch too.

Above is Judy from Tahoe who has taken my class three times and made fabulous quilts. The quilt above is of her Grandson and aren't the shorts fun? She chose all hoochy stars for her border and she is going to include all of his favorite things-she is very creative.

Judy did this quilt last year about her Grandma who loved to can, had an old wringer washer, was very loving and made treats to eat-Note Jundy as a little girl on the chair. Isn't this charming???? I loved this hoochy mama border.

Mel said her Father loves to call boys "Cowboy". So she is working on her cowboy hoochy border which is think is wonderful. The girl is from Tasuti Zoo and makes you smile.
Below is Rosemary who comes from Oklahoma and married a sailor and promptly moved to Japan. her story is about the experience and the two cultures-very fun.

Laura and Charlotte are sisters that are close to 70 years YOUNG in age- they are hilarious and fun and wise. They were dressed like twins as children and their Mother and Father scraped enough money to give them dancing lessons when money was tight. below is Laura's story quilt about those days and the recital that they wore baskets on their heads with flowers. This is a great quilt with a great story. Such fun!

Below is Deb's quilt in the works that will be all about her beautiful garden. Her drawing was superb and the colors are extraordinary. It is going to be cool!
The Hoochy Mama blocks are going to be for another quilt in her list. :0) It is hard to do just one after you "get it." These are diary pieces in cloth and are sure to be studied someday.

This is all I have the energy to post right now. If you were in this class and got photos, please send them to me. I am missing alot that I had the wrong lens on my camera.
It was a wonderful, exciting, creative, color awakening week. These ladies all out of the box by the last day will surely never go back in. I am tired but so amazed at the creativity I got to be a part of. What fun.


Sandi said...

Once again some wonderful and inspiring pictures and stories to share with us all.

What a grand time you had, sorry to hear about the missing work in progress...the nerve of some people..makes you wonder about their values and sense of right and wrong.

Can't wait to see more pictures and stories.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

rubyhaze said...

Hi, Mary Lou,
Thanks for sharing the photos--what fun. Someday I hope I get to Asilomar. Having a whole week to work on a hoochy quilt, and laff w/ you: priceless!

have a great weekend.