Sunday, September 06, 2009

Quilts in the works and people who were fun and creative

This is Kathy with the purse we all loved. It comes in black she says with white dogs. Darling!

I teach a Christmas class (taught this one in Georgia for a guild) and Kathy took the class, did this tree and then came to Asilomar to finish the borders. She is working backwards but it is a beautiful quilt that is happy and will be treasured at holiday time.

Lynne from Texas did this quilt about three friends who go to the beach in Florida.
This is Laura's quilt. She did these great cars in the borders and then hoochy mama and flower power blocks other places-what fun! Laura is from San Antonio and she is really thinking in this photo.

Below is Carol's blocks-Carol is from Northern California and was timid with color before she came- she is "Out of the Box" now and ready for more

The quilt below belongs to Nancy who lives close to Dallas TX. She decided to have a woman jumping "out of the box" and I think this is going to be a fabulous quilt.

Here is Nancy with her beginning of a quilt about her Grandson who hunts ducks along with his Grandfather. Nancy is one of those people who can do anything and has. We were impressed with her skills.

Below is Nancy and Laura enjoying an evening in Carmel

Here is Kathy with her story about her doggies.

Below is beautiful Barbara who has her blocks almost completed and is doing a story about her Victorian house and her friends who come to visit. She told a story about her Mother's homemade tortillas (hot and wonderful) and I hope she does that story also.

Below is Mel, (sister) Andy, and Kathy (taken in Carmel)

Nancy, Laura (thinking again) and Charlotte who is also thinking (they are sisters)

Andy, Kathy, Mary Lou and Deb at dinner sharing stories and tales of the class
Forge in the Forest is a wonderful place to eat if you go to Carmel-Kathy,Mary Lou and Deb enjoy dinner and fun
Above is everyone at the table- I wish we could have gotten the whole class at this table-they were all so much fun and so very nice. What a treat to be around such great women!

OK, so in case you do not know how the class works, we have a meeting each morning in the fireside room. You have a question of the day and each person answers the question. Then it gives others a chance to listen, learn and think and come up with new ideas for stories and lessons on life. This day was the day the question was "RECIPES" -this word conjures up alot of things, what do you think when you hear the word "recipes?"

My photos left out alot of important people. I was at the front of the class and wish I had everyone in one of these but it was impossible

Judy is either telling a joke or a story

Mel takes notes in the back as others share

Here is Andy who is happy working on her blocks and thinking of her story

Deb and Kathy

Charlotte smiles big as she looks at the menu and enjoys the surroundings

Lynne with her beautiful smile and positive energy

And Kathy who always laughs, encourages and does her best at whatever is in front of her.

Above is Beth who was always at the back of the room listening intently and always giving out her beautiful smile. We are at the airport waiting for our plane to arrive to go home, happy, fulfilled and content.
Check out Beth's blog for more photos on the class and other fun things


The little book of Nessie said...

What a wonderful time you all had! Loved seeing all the creativeness and great quilts in the making. Regards, Nessie

beth said...

enjoyed all your pics! and thanks for the "blog love". we did have a great time!

Carol said...

Wonderful pics of Asilomar. It always looks like such a fun creative time! One of these days, I hope to join you! I was surprised to see that you had a student named Carol from Northern California! I wonder if she lives near me? Please share my contact information with her, if possible. It would be fun to know someone nearby that I could share my love of quilting and my colorful hoochy block addiction, and I'm sure I'd love her since we have the same name, too!!
Carol in Fair Oaks, CA