Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Autumn-Jump Off of THESE Ideas! So FUN!

My Tahoe quilt chicks group made these last year...I loved this fabric that my dress's were out of!
Since it is Halloween today I thought it a good idea to put this quilt of mine here!
Love the images this time of year and wanted to share some things that are happy and things you can jump off of.
KIDS art is always the BEST! Ideas anyone????
For many quilts from Market in Houston go to my other blog at Mary Lou and Whimsy Too! So fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I love to put people in my quilts and a French girl was fun! They always have beautiful eyes and style!
Here is my Giverney quilt....I adored the flowers and drama there..color and bauty! Timeless Treasures offered me some fabrics and I chose from TWO lines...actually three. I mixed them up to create this fun quilt that I plan to hang in my entryhall. France is a beautiful place with many stories...jsut right for someone like me!
After I sent my quilt away to be quilted, I found some broken pearls that I bought in Provence...they were the perfect touch for this pretty quilt....wish you could see it in person. Timeless Treasures did fabric in such pretty designs and it was really fun to work with. Anyone who loves France would find the same thing.
I put a sign in that said "please do not pick the flowers"- this sign was everywhere in the French garden....who would dare pick a flower?
I also wanted to show you a Kantha blanet (made from old Sari's and quilted by hand). I bought this for a tablecloth for Autumn. The color are amazing and the light giving quality is just up my alley, I have been painting some things like this with light. Hopefully you will see a new fabricline from me one of these days...I know many of you are waiting. :0) Color and light will be my aim. Here is the table with some glass pumpkins I bought....I also added an old antique bowl with Halloween candy in it for fun.
Just wait until you see my red and green Kantha quilt I bought for Christmas table or possible a tree skirt...I want to put a small tree in an old wagon I have.... To see more of the Timeless treasures French quilt, go to Mary Lou and Whimsy too. I am on my way to Quilt Market in Houston for a few days. My husband is laying low as we found out today he will have surgery for his prostate cancer on Nov. 20th and he will come home on Thanksgiving. I guess that will be something to be thankful for RIGHT? Next I will be adding wonderful quilts from the Market show! Can't wait. Look for that Timeless Treasure French and bright fabrics!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little More Of Tahoe and Some Great Design Ideas...

Flower Power Book full flowers by Kathy Sandling...thought you would like a FULL vies...I love this quilt!
This is Deb's Kaffe quilt...boy I wish I would buy those lighter colors...I just don't.....isn't this pretty? Kathy Sandling does it again
And another one by Deb...he must love these fabric sales don't you think????
Here Mel makes a banner of English flags..she is hooked since the Olympics...
Our friend Andrea King who lives in Tahoe but went to High School in Spokane like I did...make jewelry....awesome glass we are trying it on....
Mel gets there first and loads up...we get the leftovers....they are pretty wonderful too!
We were all broke by the time she was ready to go...her stuff is unlike anyone else's. And she is a nice person too!
Wendy Price and Sandy Fisher are good and kind girls and they made this quilt as a story quilt for a good friend who has cancer. I think it is wonderful...can you image this? Making one for someone you love or getting one from someone you love....
Here is a pretty quilt that Linzee worked on all weekend is so pretty with it's great colors...
Here is a white linen quilt made by Kathy Sandling pretty and modern
Here is a quilt I gave to my daughter as a wedding is really pretty in person...I noticed a little bit of paint on the corner if it from one of the kids...NO, I didn't say anything.....
I just adore anything that kids do...they are so clever....Picasso said "at 8 I could paint like Bottacheli but it took me a lifetime to draw like a child." I can so relate with this.
Tomorrow I go with my husband to find out what he has cancer surgery for his prostate. This is a trying time for us but we believe God has His best for us and we can get through anything as long as he holds our hands. Please pray for my husband if you think of it....thank you.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Invention and Fun in Tahoe Makes for Happy Hearts and Souls....What beauty!

Robert Kaufman fabric has a new line out now that looks like you pieced it but you didn't...very very fun and I am having a ball playing with it!
I just came back from a retreat I do each year called "Tahoe Quilt Chicks"...we have been doing this for a few years now. I come home inspired....there were some awesome projects there and everyone was so happy to be together as some of us have had health issues. Friends become more dear with every year....
This is Deb and she makes these Kaffe quilts for all of her neices and nephews and church projects...pretty colors.
Deb and Kathy are into the Modern quilt stuff and here is a quilt she made in Gwen Marston's class
This is Sue's quilt...we swapped Witch's last year and Sue is making a Halloweeen quilt with them this cool!
The house was made by Molly and given to Sue...Molly is in my quilt swap and this time it is houses....very fun!
This quilt is Mel's witch's and a drawing her son did of a haunted has the perfect fabrics to show it off!
My name tag by Sue. The spider was big and creeped people out...I loved it!
Flower Power quilt by Kathy Sandling...she got it quilted and made a cool backing for it too! See the following and you can see she inspires us too!
This is Kathy's story quilt she did in one of my five day workshops...very fun and a nice size to hang anywhere.
I am ending with this fun photo. Molly showed me around Sacramento before we drove to Tahoe and we happened upon a shop that had these angel wings there...since I wrote a book on angels and still like to make angel quilts plus my block of the month, I thought I would get my photo taken....Such Fun! Hope your week goes well and you are happy and thankful for some nice things. Fall color of leaves, smells of Fall air, Halloween costumes in the stores, my Grandkids excited about a party they will attend this week and what they chose for costumes, colored bags of candy, spice, pumpkin,decorated sugar cookies with Fall themes, And decorations on houses.....Speaking of someone asked me to share these and so here goes
I bought these coragated metal pumpkins in beautiful Huntsville Alabama and the lady asked me what I was going to do with them? I think she thought I wasted my money but I love how they look on my fence....anyone can have plain pumpkins but the idea of polka dot pumpkins seeems so happy to me and everytime we drive up, we smile. Worth every penny and such a nice memory of beauitful Huntsville too.