Monday, May 21, 2012

Idaho Falls a Nice Place for Family Living and Nice Quilters

Skateboard bench is alot of fun in Idaho Falls...they had all kinds of cool benches in different shapes...very fun city with lots of family type things to do and parks and good restaurants and nice people.
This is Liuda and Dee-they are sitting on a becnh that would be the top part of an instrument..see it? Linda is in charge of the raffle quilt which I hope to show a photo of here and De was in charge of me which was kind of sad for her because she had to carry everything. De and I learned we are the same age, LOVE red, our middle name is Louise, Our Gtrandmother's name was Louise and loads of other things...we think we were separated at birth...although I was born in Feb and she was born in Oct....
Linda made this darling little holder for her iron...I had to get a photo because it was made from a fabric I did called BEE HAPPY.
This little bird got a great tail and we all were happy to see him develop
Here I am in front of the beautiful Falls of Idaho Falls with Dee who I had such much in common with...I am standing weird because of my back issues but I am happy!
I am not so sthrilled with my pose here but isn't this the most darling bench for Idaho who is known for it's potatoes? And if you ever get to this bench you are across the street from the best Mexican food I have ever ever had...and that is saying alot!
Here is the beginning of some of the blocks we did-I am going to load more on when I get the images off of my cell phone. The class made wonderful blocks and started in on thinking of stories. One lady named Sye flew from an hour away from where I live down to Idaho Falls to take my class. She had a wonderful frawing of a girl on a boke with Out of the Box on the bottom and her leg was kicking the T from the word "Out"-it is wonderful and we plan to connect while she works on her story. She started an amazing COW in class too. We can never have enough cows and if you go to the Minnesota show you will see the cow show with 24 different cows thanks to Suzanne Fisher who coordinated the whole thing. If you finish a cow quilt, please send your information and a photo to me so we have it for other quilt shows that will show the "cow parade!" It is UDDERLY wonderful!


Robin Quilts, etc. said...

Those benches are wonderful and I love all the colorful blocks. Thanks for sharing.

Marlynne said...

It's wondergul to meet someone you really connect with! The quilt blocks look like great fun!