Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color Cruising in the Bahamas is so Inspiring and Lovely

What one sees when they travel to the Bahamas is the intense color of everything from fruit to water to clothing to fills your senses and then there is the music and the food and the business of the locals trying to sell you crafts, drinks (mostly alcohol concoctions), fish, beautiful produce and rides in thier taxis and vans to show you the area.

In this blog today I have focused mainly on Aruba. I did not get off the ship there. I have been there before and that was enough. I thought it would be fun to take photos of the people looking as we pulled up to the dock at Aruba....I like looking at the poses of people and how they stand etc. This was on the 10th floor of the ship. The photo I have in this blog of the ship taken from far away was our ship when I was off of it one day. It is HUGE and beautiful. The food is excellent and plenty (no chance to get hungry) and your room is cleaned twice a day. Like royalty really...what more could you ask for? I was gone 11 days and I taught three days and did a demo one day of hoochy hearts -just the thing for Valentine's day! Many of the ladies were from the US but what fun to also meet ladies from Brazil, Canada, York England, and France. Everyone friendly and kidding EVERYONE.

Clouds and water change every other hour or so and the color and the shape and the waves and the shadows...all enchanting and lovely. Such a nice experience to be around the sun which shows off so many beautiful things! As an artist if I were to start over, I think I would go to the bahamas and many lovely things to paint and see. For now I am happy working on a Bahamas quilt....

The ship provided a lovely atmosphere too, to enjoy the trip and safety. The captain was a young man with a wife there and a young child. He was Dutch and a lovely man who was very professional and very nice. Cruising is a lovely way to see the world and there are some deals out there if you search the internet. is the group I work with as I think it is the best when it comes to quilting cruises. The two girls who run it are fun and professional and very nice. There is a small shop on board that has things one would need to do their projects they are taking classes for.

In the end after any traveling experience, you have your memories. I have lovely memories thanks to the people I was with and the beauty of the area and nature under the sun. I recommend a trip to the Panama canal Cruise. It is lovely.


Nancy said...

Lovely post! Did you happen to be in Nassau, Bahamas at the time of the local guild's quilt show? It was held recently. Our quilt group of 14 was also on a cruise and were able to attend. Lovely quilts! I showed some on several posts on my blog if you get a chance to take a look. I was on one of your cruise's several years back... agreed it's a fun experience!

Sandi said...

Some more great photos Mary Lou, I love your point of view with photos. Not the direction that everyone else would look at.