Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This and That while reflecting on life today....

Well, starting with the word JOY is a pretty good thought-remember that song that says "I have a Joy,Joy,Joy down in my heart (To Stay)....?
Well, I am sad for missing my Mother but I do feel joy knowing she is happy again and whole. The funeral is Friday. The church will be filled with her many friends and people who loved her quiet (she is the opposite of me),kind and strong spirit and enjoyed her humor plus unending loyalty to friends and family. It will be lovely to see family and friendswho are flying in and coming to attend.
I wrote the eulogy today (how hard to express 85 wonderful years in three paragraphs). I chose "In the Garden" and "the Church in the Wildwood" to sing and asked two women who sing to please sing "Just as I am." I love those three songs and she requested "the garden" at her funeral many years ago.
So, here are a few pretty photos to look at and be inspired by. Isn't there a quilt in these? I think there is.
Furthermore, you will not know what your kind letters and notes have meant to me-sincerely, I have read them several times and will read them again. What a comfort friends are!

The tulips are up even though it is freezing cold and we might have snow this week...sheesh.
Spring always harkens new hope and growth and change-how wonderful for us!
Aren't these primrose the most lovely colors? Wow, if these colors don't inspire something, even a thankful prayer, I don't know what. :0)

I wanted to include this photo of Bull Mountain in British Columbia. My Mother lived at the base of this mountain right on the Kootenay river for many years growing up in Canada. It was a fairy tale place to live though it was hard as her family never owned a car, had electricity or a telephone. It was a great place for us to make up our own imagination adventures. The beauty, the animals, the gardens and the people were all something from out of a lovely book.
I added this photo above because besides living in Spokane Washington after she married my Father, they spent winters in Phoenix for 22 wonderful years. The springs there were so lovely and different than in Canada and Spokane, can you imagine? My Mother loved beauty anywhere she could find it and the desert provided such a vast, quiet beauty that was different.
So, today I would say look around and if you can see you are lucky and if you can take in a deep breath and it doesn't hurt, say "hooray" and if you have a friend give thanks and if you ate something good today (yipppee) and I am just saying count your many many blessings right before you. When they are gone, you can't get them back so build many memories and they can always be there with you. I feel like I can have my Mom in my mind anytime...I just wish I had her soft lovely hands to hold. If you have someone's hand to hold, hold it and enjoy each moment. Love, Mary Lou (who is thankful for YOU)


Pam said...

Thank you for sharing with us Mary Lou.. your thoughts and pictures as you go through your grieving and your Joy...
and I know we will see an awesome story quilt that will show the story of your mom, and you will be able to wrap yourself up in it and feel her love.

The little book of Nessie said...

I loved the pictures of the flowers. I know that there will be the grieving but there will only be joy when thinking about your Mum. Regards, Nessie